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Old 02-17-2013, 08:41 AM
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Default Contacting you through a dream?

I do believe in paranormal, ghosts etc. I've experienced so much of it in my life to ever be convinced otherwise.

That said, I've never experienced what I may or may not have experienced last night. I almost wonder if my grandparents tried to contact me through a dream last night... Or maybe it was just a dream but either way it gave me some piece of mind.

My grandparents helped raise me when I was young and my parents divorced. We lived with them for quite a while and growing up I was really close to them.

My grandpa died of emphesema back around the time I graduated high school and my grandma passed away yesterday of old age mixed with a long battle of Alzheimers. She hasn't been able to say much the past year because she just couldnt seem to speak anymore. A couple days before she died my cousin went to visit her and she managed to say "I love you." And kissed my cousin. That's the most cognitive speech anyone had gotten from her in a long time.

Yesterday was hard for me because one it's hard to lose a loved one, but also because I didn't get to really say goodbye since I'm on the other side of the country. I won't even be able to go to her funeral because I can't afford a plane ticket to CA right now.

Anyways, last night I was sleeping and had a dream about my grandparents. It started off in a large room with a lot of ceiling lights. It looked like a reception hall only my grandparents were the only ones there. They looked like they did when I was younger before grandpa got sick and before grandma starting having issues with Alzheimers, back when they were vibrant and healthy. They were both dressed up rather snazzy and they were dancing to some old music that I didn't recognize. They kept flashing huge smiles at each other and just looked really happy to be together.

Then I woke up because I had to pee. When I went back to sleep I started to have a dream that I was at my uncle's house and we were all upset that grandma had just died. We were sitting at the table reminiscing old times and sharing all the things we loved about grandma (and grandpa too). Then I noticed grandma and grandpa both sitting at the table with us. They were sitting across from each other and no one else seemed to see them but me. Grandpa said, "excuse me, I have something to say... I have something to say!" He looked slightly flustered that no one would let him speak since they didn't see him there. Finally he just looked at my grandma and smiled and said, "to say everything I love about you would take an eternity, but there is one thing I have to say. You were the only woman crazy enough to put up with me. You were the only woman who could tame this beast." Then my grandma blushed and starting laughing. She used to snort when she would laugh and I tend to have inherited that trait from her. She laughed and said, "oh Jer (his name was Jerry) you are just being silly today aren't you?" I have no idea what they were referring to, maybe an inside joke between them? All I know is both of them were smiling from ear to ear. I hadn't seem them like that in a long time and it made me feel more at peace about my grandma's death because I think in some way she is reunited with my grandpa.
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Old 02-17-2013, 09:08 AM
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I am so sorry for your loss. I know it's hard. I lost my grandmother a little over a year ago. I do want to believe that loved ones that have passed can communicate with us. I am going to share something with you and I don't know if this is just shear coincidence or what the case is but shortly after my grandmother died, I was watching tv and was looking through the guide on the satellite to see what I wanted to watch. Normally the guide is set to our favorites, but for some reason one of the kids must have changed it to all channels setting. The first thing I saw when I opened the guide was my grandmothers name. She has a name that I would say isn't common. It's Opal. I started noticing that I would see her name appear in places on dates that I knew were important to her that she would know that I knew, such as birthdays, holidays, etc. Sometimes I can smell her perfume just for a brief second, or I can smell the way her house used to smell just for a brief second. I want to believe this is her way of communicating with me. Others might say that I have an over active imagination. Either way, my grandmother is still close to my heart and I still love her and miss her.
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Old 02-17-2013, 11:09 AM
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I'm sorry for your loss--what a touching dream though! I too was very close to my grandparents, losing my grandma was like losing a second mom and devastated me.

I feel like my grandma communicates with my mom and I in a small way. My mom drives my grandmas old Ford Explorer and has since she passed. The radio/cd player display went on the blink not long after mom got the vehicle, and mom just never got around to having it fixed. It would randomly start working and the display would come on, then it would randomly shut off. It seem to happen more when myself or one of my cousins was in the car with my mom, and we starting biking that it was "grandma visiting." A few years ago, mom took the Explorer in to be serviced and asked the mechanic about the radio display, telling him that it was coming on and off for no reason. He checked it out and told her that was impossible because the wiring necessary for that to occur was not hooked up at all. Maybe there is some logical explanation, but I really have come to believe that grandma is visiting us, and it is a comfort.

I believe that lost loved ones can connect with us many ways, including dreams

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Old 02-17-2013, 11:58 AM
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Originally Posted by sillysally View Post
A few years ago, mom took the Explorer in to be serviced and asked the mechanic about the radio display, telling him that it was coming on and off for no reason. He checked it out and told her that was impossible because the wiring necessary for that to occur was not hooked up at all.
Um, okay, that gave me goosebumps hahaha.

Yes, I think our loved ones can come back to check on us sometimes and in unexpected ways. A few years ago when I was graduating college I think it was... I was out shopping and was thinking about my grandpa. I remember thinking "I wonder if he would be proud of me."
I was going to Target and I was walking into the store, and as I walked in there was this old man who was on his way out. The old man didn't really look like my grandpa. But I looked at the man, naturally since we were approaching each other, and he looked at me.
And in this old man's face who didn't actually look anything like my grandpa... I SAW my grandpa's face looking back at me. And he smiled at me.
I can't explain it exactly... how it wasn't my grandpa's face and yet it was. But I'm tearing up remembering it.

A friend of mine is renting a house with her boyfriend. She has been working on it and, like me, missing her grandpa. When she was a kid they used to garden together; he loved his garden. And one of the things she remembered most was picking raspberries with him. So she was out in the yard, cleaning it up and clearing debris and all kinds of weeds. She was behind the garage pulling weeds in this tiny little space between the garage and fence (the perfect place for weeds to get all overgrown if nobody is watching it), pulled up this HUGE bunch of weeds - and stopped.
Because underneath all the weeds was a single raspberry plant.
She asked her boyfriend if he had planted it back there and he had no idea what she was talking about. It's the only plant at all on their entire property, and it seems like a bizarre place for somebody to intentionally plant a raspberry plant anyway...
You can probably come up with some natural explanations for how a single raspberry plant ended up back there, grew, and thrived underneath a bunch of weeds. But they will still seem like stretching to explain something that a supernatural explanation explains better IMO...

It's not a "ghosts" type of thing exactly. I think they are just... here with us in ways we can't explain or even imagine, and they sometimes remind us.

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Old 02-17-2013, 12:07 PM
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That is a wonderful dream. Yes, I believe with all my heart that was your grandma's way of saying she is fine and happy now that she has passed on.

I have stories too but the one that stands out the most...still makes me sad. I had a good friend and coworker. We used to talk a lot about things of this genre. She always challenged my perception and way of thinking by the questions she would ask and the way she looked at things. She passed away very suddenly (and at 32 I would say very young). The night she passed, I KNOW without a doubt she visited me. I could feel her but I totally chickened out and buried my head under the covers. I could almost "hear" her if that makes sense...starting with a Holy crap this is so cool, look what I can do! that morphed into disappointment and a bit of anger that I wouldnt just look. Like a "hey come on!!!! You believe in this stuff, why are you not looking!" type thing.

Years later I had someone who wanted to practice afterlife communications. I asked about everyone but her and finally decided to ask. The communicator nailed her, her looks, but more importantly her message "I am here but want to talk to you directly" lol. Still havent worked up the courage to try.
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Old 02-17-2013, 12:11 PM
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Amber, I'm sorry for your loss--it's so hard to loose loved ones, especially those who were so key in our growing up.

I do believe "dreams' can be messages--I have had experiences similar to yours, only involving my mother. I had a very vivid one right after she passed away--and since then I have had "reminders" of/from her in many ways. I have come to find these very comforting--I hope you will as well.
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Old 02-17-2013, 12:15 PM
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After my horse passed away in November, I started believing in spirits, etc. I think primarily, it gave me a sense of comfort but I feel like Indie has communicated with me through dreams. I have had two dreams that focus solely on her, and after sharing one of them on a forum, this is what someone had to say about it:

"I don't know what happened, but I can tell you my idea about your dream. In your dream, Indie was ill and you found her and showed her a kindness. She thanks you for that and is very happy to have been your horse. Zombie horse turning into a beautiful horse after a treat from your hand is a transformation for good because you showed her love.

That dream tells me that she hasn't forgotten you and she wants you to feel better about what happened. She's not hurting anymore (zombie transformed into beauty) and she is still with you.

It also sends another message. She was a zombie horse when you got there. You looked back after giving her a treat and leading her, and she was beautiful. She's telling you that YOU were the key factor in bringing her life when you were around her, and that she trusted you fully in knowing what was best for her. When she was around you, she was her true beautiful self and you saw that beauty, regardless of what anyone else said about her.

Please don't feel too guilty. We never know what will happen in life and often have regrets over not doing something differently when we couldn't have known the outcome.

I believe animal psychics are real. If it gives you any peace of mind, it would be worth looking into."

Both dreams comforted me in a way, and both had the same general idea. Both dreams occurred after I spent a lot of time thinking about her and how I could've reacted differently.

So yes, I completely believe that that was your grandmother communicating with you and I hope it offered you the comfort you needed. I'm so sorry for your loss as well.

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