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Old 02-13-2013, 11:08 PM
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Originally Posted by sparks19 View Post
God never promised we would never have trials... In fact he guaranteed we would have trials.

Jacksonsmom, please please don't take
Offense to this. I am not teying to say your young
Brothers death was "worth it". Especially not for your family but LOOK at how many incredible things your family has
Done for the cause because of it. I am not saying it was worth it for YOUR FAMILY and I am sure given the chance you would take it all back to have him again. Completely normal. Just know that this tragedy has changed and SAVED so many lives and will continue to save more and more lives when I know you would just rather have that one life back. Please don't be mad at me . I just felt I needed to present that side to your mission.

(((( HUGS))))
No offense taken! At all. Not mad!

I agree, we've done a lot of wonderful things, and it's my passion in life now. We, of course, don't want anything to happen to other kids, and we want to spread awareness because WE didn't know the statistics.

So yes, it's a big passion of mine and my family. I certainly would rather have him here.
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Old 02-13-2013, 11:29 PM
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So when atheists/agnostics do good things it's because they are good people but when someone is a Christian and does something with their church means they are paying lip service?

I know that's not what you mean but that's how a lot of these posts look. Just because someone volunteers time through their church doesn't mean they are doing it to look good or act like a Christian. They could just want to volunteer for the community. My church actually sets up community volunteer projects that anyone regardless of religion can take part in.

I never said that nonChristians have not had problems either. But I'm saying from personal experience atheists I have met are pretty in your face rude. I don't talk to fellow Christians who like to shove their beliefs on people I don't like to talk to people who like to shove their lack of beliefs on people either.

Also I nor do any of my Christian friends tell people they are living wrong. The ONLY people I know who do are my Atheist friends. I generally just drop it because I don't think it's worth arguing over.

Nobody I've ever met thinks that all Catholics are child molesters, regardless of their belief system.
Go to any news report that has to do with Catholics. The comments will be riddled with molestation jokes and hate. Doesn't matter if it has anything to do with the story. I no longer work where there is a TV for us to watch but at my old jokes anytime anything that had to do with Christians *not even Catholics* it was brought up.

The reason it gets so much flack is because the Catholic church claims to be a source of morality and a direct connection to god.
If you aren't Catholic and don't believe they are then I don't see how this is THAT different than any other adult that works over kids.

Do you realize how many "in your face atheists" there are compared to in your face Christians? Do you realize the level of in-your-face Christianity versus in-your-face atheists? There's a comic somewhere that compares militants in various belief/non-belief systems: militant Muslims and Christians resort to anywhere from violence and killing to going door-to-door, picking you out, and telling you you're going to hell, you're a horrible person, you're a-moral, you're not trust-worthy. A militant atheist sits around drinking beer talking with other atheists about the state of religion and morality. Have you ever had an atheist approach you (without prompt) and tell you that you're a horrible person or you deserve to be tortured for eternity? Or that you're not a worthy human because you don't have a relationship with an invisible man in the sky? Some atheists are becoming more vocal, and we're coming out about the corruption and hate that religion spews. We're coming out against bigotry and hatred, dismissing science, blocking progress, and such things. We're coming out against blind faith and the hatred against and distrust that comes with not accepting such blind faith.
I've had quite a few come up telling me that there isn't really any reason I should be alive since I'm wasting so much of my time following a fairy tale and because of my beliefs I won't really be contributing much to the world or people around me because I'm blinded by my fake god.

This was prompted because they saw the cross necklace that my great grandma gave me. And really even if I wasn't Christian that necklace is important to me because of who it is from and I would still probably wear it.

If you don't want us to judge you because of your beliefs, why are you going to judge us on our lack of belief?
Because I'm not judging any of you. I don't mean this to sound mean but I don't really know how to say it and make it sound nice. Life is busy. I've got work and personal stuff I have to deal with. As a normal person with a job, social life, adult responsibilities I don't have time to care what you believe. I do acknowledge that we believe in different things. But what you believe isn't any of my business. And honestly I'm going off of faith. I could be the one who is wrong. I don't think I am but with no facts and just faith I'm not going to argue with someone.

Popular media and peers are very pro-religion. They largely support these "bedtime stories" as you called them.
The numbers of my atheist and agnostic friends FAR outweighs my Christian friends. I have four or five friends who are Christian. The others are atheist with a couple agnosts thrown in.

And this goes back to being a good person. Being a good person doesn't automatically mean that someone is or isn't a Christian. I can't even remember the last time I saw a movie or read a book that even took a stance on religion one way or another.

I didn't say anyone was doing anything wrong. I was just pointing out what I've seen.

And really I don't think there should be a reason that atheists can't go around and shove their nonbeliefs on people. But if they do they should expect the same reaction from people as people who shove their religion on people get. Neither group is special they're both just annoying and unable to accept other people have different beliefs than they do.
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Old 02-13-2013, 11:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Laurelin View Post
I'm going to get in trouble for quoting the bible but

"Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?"

I really just don't understand why people care so much what other people believe. I also do not see how people of any faith or non-faith can't see the offensive things they say about someone else's faith. Like I said before. I
Without actually reading this whole thread I have to say that I agree with Lauren here. I feel the same way about politics too which is why I kept my mouth shut during election year... it doesn't matter what you say or believe, someone out there is going to disagree and I've seen it turn heated so many times. It was just easier for me not to tell people which candidate I preferred just as when it comes to faith it's often easier for me not to really voice what I believe.

As for what I believe... I grew up on both sides of the fence. When my parents divorced when I was younger they both remarried. My dad and step mom do not believe in God. My mom and step dad (though now they are divorcing) are "christians" and I had to go to church every sunday (twice) and every wednesday evening when I was in high school. So... I got to experience two very different sides of the fence. When I was older I did still go to church, but have since backed off a lot. Right now I'm not 100% sure what I believe and I'm trying to figure that out. But.... I've run into people in different faiths that have tried to push me that their way is the only right way and honestly it's just pushed me more away from practicing religions. I've seen too many people call themselves christians and then turn around and do things that they judge other people for doing. My mom for instance calls herself a christian and is very judgey towards other people and yet she and my step dad just separated and are not even legally divorced and she is definitely sleeping with another guy who is in the same military branch as my step dad... something she would have easily pointed her fingers at someone else for doing... I'm not saying all christians are like that... I know not all are, but when a lot of the ones I'm surrounded by are like that, it just rubs me the wrong way and puts a bad taste in my mouth.

oy... sorry I just got off on a little rant there and probably veered a little off topic...
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Old 02-13-2013, 11:34 PM
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And just wanted to add:

I have NO idea how it ever gets to religion or politics. Usually when one of those things pop up someone veers it off in another direction pretty quick. But there's always someone who wants to keep pushing it so it always depends on who is there and if anyone else cares/wants to get into that debate. Doesn't happen often but we've had a few conversations.

I do like talking to my agnostic friends about it more. They seem to be a lot more respectful during the debates.
Thank you Vivien and Angel Chicken for the siggy! Also I have been frosted!!! And as of 9/13/07 I know the secret handshake!

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Old 02-13-2013, 11:49 PM
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I generally avoid talking about religion with people I like if I know we have different views, because it just seems like a dead end street, lol.

I grew(/grow? lol) up in a very open household in that we were really allowed to believe whatever we wanted. We went to church, but it was for the community rather than real belief, everyone in our small town went. As all of us kids grew up, we stopped believing in God, and all ended up atheist/agnostic, without input from our parents either way. It was kind of like growing up and realizing you were actually going to die, I guess, and growing out of another 'childhood' thing that helped us cope. The concept of God/Heaven was used mostly so we wouldn't be as sad about little pets dying, and we were told our pets were running around in 'hamster heaven'. It was much needed comfort. It felt like natural progression.

At this point, the wonder of nature and science, evolution and everything spectacular around me, without a God, is enough to comfort me.

I haven't had many encounters to do with religion in real life, other than some ladies( while waiting for my bus) handing me some flyers on Jehovah's Witnesses. They were nice enough, so I took them and put them in my bag, didn't read them. Maybe eventually I will get tired of it, who knows.

The one that does stick out in my mind happened when I was 13 or so. I was (and tend to be) quite naive in some areas. I was volunteering at a sporting event and was friendly with another girl there. I didn't know she was a very religious person, Catholic. The topic of religion came up, I cannot recall how. I mentioned I was an atheist in passing. 'WHAT?' she exclaimed, 'But you seem so nice!'.

I really don't care what people believe, as long as they are secure enough in their own beliefs that they do not push them on others. It's not a topic I feel very passionate about. Annnd this had nothing to do with the OP, but alas.


I like to dog
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Old 02-14-2013, 05:27 PM
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I thought of couple things that have happened over the years. About once a year Jehovah's come to my door. They can be really pushy but not every time. It's worse if you happen to be outside when they come. I sometimes just don't answer the door.

I've gotten papers at the door about how Catholics or so and so aren't true Christians and stuff about how this or that is preventing the rapture. It's rare for me to get anything like that though. I find it weird when people debate over who is a true Christian.

Other then the above, I can't think of any time religious people have bothered me here.

Originally Posted by skittledoo View Post
It was just easier for me not to tell people which candidate I preferred just as when it comes to faith it's often easier for me not to really voice what I believe.
I do discuss politics some (and I believe I have on here as well). However, I don't personally think it is anyone's business who is voting for who.
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