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Old 02-13-2013, 09:23 PM
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Default Practice harnesses for sale at-cost!

I'm trying to practice making harnesses, but since I only have two dogs...yeah SO, I'm going to let up to 8 people sign up for harnesses (I'm also making another one for Logan and one is already reserved for someone else, and I don't want to commit to more than 10 right now). I will send them to you for the cost of materials and shipping (they will definitely fit it a small flat rate box, can go regular mail if you prefer). I can give a more accurate estimate of cost when I have your details, but Logan's harness cost around $10. I will most likely be ordering from here if you want to look around at hardware and strap options. Since it lets me order by the foot for strap and by the piece for hardware, you can choose ANY webbing and ANY hardware you want Logan's harness took about 5-7 yards of webbing, but it depends on the size of the dog.

Logan's harness:

If you have a certain date you need the harness by, let me know. Otherwise I'll make them in the order I receive the requests, and it may take several weeks if I get all 8 people ordering!

I can also add a matching collar and/or leash. At least I'm saying now I can do a collar. I KNOW I can do a leash, but I have not yet attempted a collar

If you want a guide harness with a rigid handle, I can make the CPVC handle for you, or I can give you instructions for making one yourself. Shipping costs go up A LOT if I ship a rigid handle because of its size, but I made two handles for Logan for under $7 total.

I will be ordering strap/hardware this weekend or sometime next week. Unless you contact me to make arrangements or I've already told you otherwise, I need payment for materials before I order, and I'll let you know shipping charges just prior to shipping it. I'm not against letting you wait and pay it all at once right before I ship, I just want to make sure I don't end up with a bunch of harnesses I have no use for

IF YOU WANT TO ORDER: (post here...if you PM me, at least post here that you did so people know when orders are full)

Type of harness:
Guide, guide with soft handle, "flyball" harness with soft handle, "flyball" harness with no handle...if you want something else, I *may* be able to make it. "Flyball" harnesses are the same as the one I posted except with no stabilizer loops and no D-rigns for handle attachment.

Breed of dog

Girth: measure at the point you want the harness to sit at; typically close to, but not rubbing, the "arm pits"

Chest: measure around the front of the chest, from where the girth sits on one side around the other side

"Drop": measure where you want the chest strap to sit (typically near the breast bone, but not interfering with movement of the front legs), and measure from one side where the chest strap will sit and over the back to the other side

Length of soft handle only if you want a soft handle

Type and width of webbing: polypropylene, nylon, polyester, nylon seat belt, polypropylene seat belt; 3/4" to 1 1/2"; I may be able to do larger widths on request, but those sizes seem to work best (Logan's is 1" polypropylene)

Color/pattern of webbing: if you want anything other than black, check out the Strapworks web page under the type of material you want. They have LOTS of colors and patterns!

Type and color of hardware: plastic, metal, plastic/metal hybrid, brass, etc; plastic side release buckles come in black or white, or black with red or white/silver reflective; metal can be powder-coated whatever color, so check the website for colors

Color of fleece padding: I have a bunch of colors and can find remnants of a bunch more colors, so I can *probably* find whatever color you're looking for. Or if you don't want fleece padding, say so (if you do not want fleece padding, I can make the chest strap adjustable)!

Any special requests: extra D rings and their placement, non-adjustable girth, extra handles and their placement, leave off stabilizer loops on guide harness, which size you want the buckle on, adjustable chest strap (only if you don't want fleece padding), single layer instead of double layer, add collar or leash...whatever you want customized!

If you have questions or need help measuring, let me know! The girth is the ONLY strap that is adjustable (and has the only buckle) so please measure carefully Also note these will probably not be perfect (practice harnesses, so there's bound to be some crooked stitching or something), but they'll be as close to perfect as I can make them.
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