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Old 02-11-2013, 03:20 PM
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Originally Posted by JessLough View Post
I'd think its unlikely. Considering the amount of people in my neighbourhood that smoke week heavily and have dogs, and the amount of stories you hear of people purposely trying to get their dogs high..

Glad they're doing better!
Darn, I was hoping if it was the pot we could fix it easily.


Originally Posted by stardogs View Post
So glad they are both on the mend after such a scary event!!

As far as pot goes, I'm not sure, but Snipe was smoked around extensively before we got her - she smelled so strongly of pot it took 3 baths to get the odor out of her coat - and she had no issues with tummy upset or anything like you describe.

Have you talked to the landlord about your neighbor/vent issue? Hopefully you don't have to take drug tests for work or something! It sounds like they must be veritable chimneys!
Yeah we've told her, but alas it hasn't been fixed yet. I'm going to harrass her (politely) until it's fixed. We also have a leak in the roof causing mold on the ceiling that I'm cleaning daily that has yet to be fixed. Yeah, luckily (or right now unluckily) both I and David are unemployed so we don't have to worry about drug tests. lol So now we have no job and no money. $50 in my bank account and no way to pay for rent, or anything else for that matter, next month. But I'm just glad Art/Talon are feeling better Plus, I should (hopefully) get my tax return this near the end of this month or early next month. *fingers crossed* It wouldn't of been so bad if it weren't for so many unexpected issues (Art/Talon getting sick, David's car broke down stranding him and having to tow it, etc).

I'm really trying to figure out what it is so we can prevent it from happening again. That's my worst fear right now. No money, maxed credit cards, can't do carecredit anymore, and the dogs getting sick again! *eek*
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