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View Poll Results: Do you consider your dog "breed worthy", hypothetically?
Yes 31 36.05%
No 34 39.53%
Almost 15 17.44%
This is a dog forum? 6 6.98%
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Old 02-05-2013, 12:02 PM
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Shamoo- I would say yes. She is ideal in size, a great structure, naturally well muscled, svelt, and has drive out the wazoo. She has a stable temperament and although training her is a often the equivalent of slamming your head into a wall it's likely due to her previous life.

Arnold- Nope, he's structurally painful looking and while he's a very typical gamey pit bull he finds too much joy in fights and he's far too good at them for me to feel comfortable breeding. He's amazing with people though and has great food drive (I squashed his toy/prey drive but it hung in there minimally). He's also very leggy but he was neutered at 4 months by his previous owner so who knows what his structure would be like if left intact.

(and here come clients... to be continued...)
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Old 02-05-2013, 12:52 PM
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This is a really cool thread idea!

I think, obviously, my answer is no. For both Milo, and Benji.

If given the chance, I would have probably bred my American Eskimo growing up. Now, I wouldn't make that decision, as he was a pet store puppy...and although he did have a pedigree and we knew who his breeder and parents were, I'm not sure if they were ever health tested or titled (I do believe some of them were Ch. in confirmation, not sure though).

But: he was structurally sound and to standard, moreso than many other eskimos I've seen. He had an awesome temperament and easily could have titled in agility or obedience with the right training, would have made an awesome therapy dog...he could have had his CGC but we never went for it...even if he never got titled in confirmation, he was really an above-and-beyond pet.

He was also extremely healthy, and lived to 16 with no serious health problems at all (allergies, but I believe they were environmental, and fairly mild). If I could have found out who his parents were and gotten health test results on them, and they were good, I would without a doubt want to breed him.
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Old 02-05-2013, 01:11 PM
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considering Im a breeder, my brood dogs had better be breedworthy

Serious answer:
my foundation bitch has her issues, she can be timid and anxious, and has some minor structural issues, but on the flipside shes got some traits that the breed needs, and that i wanted to... mmmm.... cultivate. shes absolutely rock solid with other animals, and other than her minor structural flaws, is tough as nail and has overall excellent health. never sick, never winded, great condition with little to no workout regime, etc.

my newer bitch, her granddaughter, is perfect. seriously. i could just quit right now. friendly, unflappable, bombproof, loves everything and everyone, great structure, HAPPYHAPPY ALL THE TIME, smart, good focus and work ethic, low/moderate drive and energy. Im very pleased so far with what this "blood" has produced for me, and Ill be trying to find more of it if I can, to incorporate into my existing plans for the next 20-30 years

my breed is really a hot mess right now, and im really lucky i got dogs as good as i have. i see famous sires with 1200+ offspring and they bite visitors and produce bad hearts, etc.... so sad. so discouraging
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Old 02-05-2013, 02:40 PM
StillandSilent StillandSilent is offline
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Is there a single person on Chaz who would honestly take a Gambit pup? Becuse you may need professional help.

Gambit's health is fantastic. Gorgeous form, strong as an ox, all but takes flight when he jumps, turns on a dime, I can not say enough good things about him physically. He is my dream agility dog.

He's smart as a whip, can open doors, always willling to try new things, trains easily, is all but perfect as a pet.

But he has his fear issues. Not minor ones, more like 'I need medication to make it through the day' issues. Some of them are probably the result of an enormously deprived puppyhood. Some are the results of a feral mother. Some are the results of a romeo-type coyote seducing said mother with promises of beach houses and everlasting love.

So, no. There is no way Gambit should breed. And, due to lack of having his gumdrops, no chance of it happening either.

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Old 02-05-2013, 02:42 PM
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I really don't know enough about the breed to say yes or no. And there is a chance she could be a mix. (I'm still going with Kelpie, though, since that's the obvious breed.)

I don't think the white splashings are ideal in the breed, so coat wise she would probably not be bred.
She has some SA issues... possible DA issues. We haven't had her long enough to know. And she's not old enough for me to make a decision like that. She'll be 2 years the end of April.
If she was with someone who knew what they were doing, I think she would be an amazing dog. I'm doing what I can, but obviously I'm new to the dog world and I'm sure we're lagging behind.

She is a huge cuddlebug, verrrrry easy to train. Loves food, attention and toys. She loves me and is eager to 'prove' herself. (She already can go through tunnels and jump over whatever I ask her to. To me, that's a big deal )

Overall, I would have to say no. I don't know her history, parents, what her life as a pup was like... and the few issues she has I'm not sure if they were brought on by her past or if she was prone to them. Ask me in a couple of years and I might have a completely different answer. (I'm hoping a Chazzer will eventually meet her and tell me what they think. )
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Old 02-05-2013, 04:16 PM
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I'll say yes because aside from being adorable Sienna is the most bombproof dog I've ever met. Nothing fazes her - aggressive dogs and pushy kids she just walks away from. I don't know what you'd have to do to incite her to bite - I'm not sure it's possible...she had an incident with a baby gate once that (long story short) involved her hanging upside down from the gate by her hind toes, having the gate cut with wire cutters while she was hanging, and this by two strange men (my landlord at the time and his friend.) Not a peep from her, and she was grateful to them after it was over.

So yeah, awesome temperment! And she's athletic, well-structured from what I know anyway, and healthy...she's almost 6 and has no health problems yet. She's the perfect pet dog IMO, with enough energy to play obedience with me and go hiking, but calm indoors and doesn't need a ton of exercise to stay sane.

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Old 02-05-2013, 06:54 PM
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I would say no for Cohen, though from time to time I sometimes vaguely lament that she's spayed.

Her faults are many. She's not a "typey" Aussie at all. She's small (36-37 lbs when in good condition and 21") but oddly long in body. She's a bit butt high too and her croup is really long. Her stop is pretty steep for the breed too. Her parents weren't anything special - her dam was a pet and her sire was a BISS Ch without any impressive performance titles. Her temperament, while mostly good, has a bit of a mean streak which I would not want to see passed on to another generation.

Her redeeming qualities are awesome though. Her handler focus is marvelous. She's highly adaptable and trainable and is showing herself adept in a variety of venues. Her self control is lovely while working. I like her small size and her slim build. Her structure seems, to my laymen's eye, quite nice aside from the issues mentioned above. She's drivey, but not too sharp. She recovers from stress quickly. Plus, she's quite a pretty dog.

Mega is intact. Though, I don't much like small dogs so, no, I have no plans to breed her. She's a typical small dog in that she's barky, uncomfortable around strangers and has a low tolerance for stress and pain. Some of that may be her upbringing, I don't know. Her angulation makes me weep it's so straight. She's a puppy milled dog, so... However, compared to other small dogs she has a nice edge to her. She tugs and has decent play drive and wonderful food drive. She listens well and is very much a set it and forget it type of dog who I think would be very appreciated by small dog people. Most people who meet her become enamored with her pretty quickly and I bet that if bred, I could find some nice sport homes for the pups.

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Old 02-05-2013, 06:59 PM
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Absolutely yes for Trent, based on what I do know about him. Obviously if I were to actually pursue breeding him, I'd train him IPO first, not so much for the title as it would be for the knowledge. I don't know if he'd bring any active aggression, I don't know how well he would engage a threat, or how his grips will be, and I'd like to know that and more before breeding him as a German Shepherd.

But what I do know is that he is a very good middle of the road dog. He is well balanced and moderately driven. Thresholds are just low enough to make training in prey easy, and high enough for him to remain unflappable in most situations. Exceptions are cats outside triggering his prey drive, and strangers catching us by surprise and scaring me at night (if we are turning a corner or if a couple of kids are messing with me). But even then he does not lose his head and I can regain his attention. He is a handler oriented dog and eager to please, but neither soft nor altogether hard. He will try anything I ask of him, though he holds on to his self preservation instincts.

He does have issues with dog reactivity, but it's residual behavior from an earlier phase (and bad/lack of training on my part). He's not dog park material, but he will be able to live with others without conflict, and is starting to get the idea of leaving other dogs alone completely. Once he gets past his initial interest, he is okay.

Pedigree-wise he is a great candidate, especially now as breeders are trying to avoid some of the more prolific dogs in the lines. And while he is free of many of the big names, every dog within his 5 generation pedigree and beyond (didn't look past 5 gens) has been titled in SCHH/IPO and health tested. His structure is also adequate and reasonably to standard. Not great, but not a train wreck, and distinguishable as a German Shepherd's build. He could probably go G or SG at an SV show or finish as a UKC CH in the UKC show ring.

Of course, while he's still intact, I definitely won't be breeding him. Maybe if the breed was suddenly becoming extinct, sure. But he's mediocre at best and there are thousands of better GSDs available, titled, and health tested.
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Old 02-05-2013, 07:58 PM
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Cali: I wouldn't breed her even if she wasn't spayed, but there's things about her that do make her "breed worthy". If her ears were either straight up or completely down like a Phalene, she'd likely do good in conformation shows. She also has luxating patellas so that'd be a huge no to breeding, Chaz has transformed me into some sort of dog nut! I'd never even think of breeding a dog without health testing and various titles pertaining to the particular breed.

1) Her general appearance is the standard excluding the ears, although her ears are very expressive and fringed: "The Papillon is a small, friendly, elegant toy dog of fine-boned structure; light, dainty and of lively action; distinguished from other breeds by its beautiful butterfly-like ears." (taken from CKC website)

2) Her face markings are ideal, although one side of the white on her muzzle goes a tiny bit farther back

3) Her facial structure is very to standard if you look at her front-on and particularly from the side and her ears are set at the 45 degree angle as well.

4) She has well-angled hind legs, her toes are straight, her feet are "hare-like" as well.

5) Her gait is very quick and easy, she's a little speed walker and has pretty good reach

6) Her personality is great: insanely friendly, eager to learn, very smart, loyal, affectionate, and she has some drive for a toy dog.

7) She has an awesome pedigree, with numerous well-known Papillons.

The two and a half year old papillon. Crazy. Social butterfly. Clever.
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Old 02-05-2013, 09:25 PM
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I am undecided on Quinn. She has many great things about her - she is a beautiful dog with good structure. She is effortlessly athletic and can go all day. She has great toy and food drive, with awesome agility potential. She has a ton of herding drive and our trainer has no doubt we can get her titled and moving up the levels. She isn't all show though - she is a wonderful farm dog at home and very versatile. Aware of her handler but with enough independence to make her own decisions if needed. Intelligent and thoughtful. Family oriented. Loves people. Rock solid nerves and 100% trustworthy with any child or small animal. Has demonstrated some good protective instinct and also the ability to turn it off and be content with the person as soon as I say they're okay. High drive with lots of desire with an amazing natural off switch. Very easy to live with. Registered both ESC and UKC from health tested parents, with close relatives doing tracking, agility, obedience and flyball.

Certain things make me hesitate. She does have seasonal allergy problems. Her DR I wouldn't necessarily count against her as I am quite certain that she would be fine if I had handled her better. Certain structural things. I wish she had more coat. She still needs her hips and elbows done and I would like to title her.

If ever bred I would seek out a male who is a bit more easy going with more balanced drive. Quinn can be a little intense at times and most ES people would probably prefer a dog that's softer on sheep. Some days I do lol. Ideally, if bred to something easier going while still maintaining proper drive and structure, we would get more of a range in drive and aptitude.

All very hypothetical! I am very content buying, not breeding

Quinn - English Shepherd

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