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Old 02-03-2013, 08:42 PM
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I love this thread! It's so neat to see what everyone does. I have been meaning to get all the dog's stuff organized since moving into this house, and just... haven't. Until today. BF and I were at Lowe's and saw the perfect shelving unit marked down for being used as a display and snatched it up. So I came home and did this;

The top shelf has their food bowls and daily supplements, dremel bag/supplies, plus a basket of toys; the toys they aren't allowed to have all the time such as a chuck it, special tennis balls, 3 or 4 frisbees, a bumper, birch scented hides for nosework, some tugs, special cuz's, and a dumbbell. My bait bag is hanging off of this basket.

The second shelf from the top has two large bins and two small bins. In the first large bin on the left, there are treats; training treats and biscuits/everyday treats and chews and such. The two smaller bins have prong tip covers/extra prongs in one and clickers in the second. The larger bin on the right has grooming supplies; toothbrushes/paste, 2 speed clippers, extra blades, combs, a few different shampoos and colognes, nail clippers, nail paint, zoom groom, and a few different brushes/rakes and Frag's muzzle.

The third shelf currently has Sir & Frag's backpacks, extra bowls/dishes, and empty space for a medium bin that I will put all of the medications in; I have a ton I've collected over the years. Antibiotics, special shampoos, flea/tick stuff, numerous hypothyroidism pills & skin steroids, glucosamine, numerous HW preventatives, otomax, previcox, etc.

The bottom shelf has their towels/hand towels on one side and crate blankets on the other.

The drawer unit to the right has their coats sitting on top, under a basket with all of their clean kongs and antlers. The top drawer has bandanas and extra/old/foster collars, prongs, and chains.

The middle drawer has everyone's collars and harnesses that they still wear sometimes.

The bottom drawer has all of our leashes and slip leads.

*sigh* I am finally getting there!
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