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Old 02-03-2013, 02:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Laurelin View Post
Yeah, aesthetically I can't tell a difference between Nard (no dewclaws) and the other 4 (with dewclaws). I looked and looked and can't find a picture you can see them on.

ETA: Ok, here you go:

DSC_1456 by Summer_Papillon, on Flickr

You can see them when she's got wet feet and is being a ninja.
Yeah, just barely but, but it's there!

Originally Posted by Laurelin View Post
Yup! They're traditionally cropped and docked although it's pretty easy to find breeders that don't, or at least the ears. There seems to be a lot more choice available in that breed versus some others I've looked into.
Oh, no I knew they're a C/D breed, but, I honestly never knew they just took them off strait across like that ! Again, it's so hard to tell anyway with all that hair, lol.

Originally Posted by Aleron View Post
Yep! That is the traditional crop for the breed but yeah, you can only really see it on the SFs and the demis. It requires almost no after care either, which is kind of nice as far as cropping go. People do get asked what happened to their dog's ears though :/

Here's another one:
Wow, that's a new one, the smoother coats do show it, but I seriously thought when they said the ears are cropped I was thinking, you know like maybe a Briard?

I get so many people that look at me funny when I try to explain that Beaucerons are related to Briards just without all the hair, then the arguments start "But they aren't cropped!" Uh, sorry but hate to break it to you those ears aren't natural all the coat just hides it well.

Originally Posted by Linds View Post
I want a Pyr Shep and I want it to have not cropped ears but for them to be pricked up anyways. And then I shall be happy.
Well, I don't know about fully prick but someone I know had a puppy with semi-prick ears like a Border collie, really cute! Here's Mini
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