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Old 01-30-2013, 04:29 PM
Roger Biduk Roger Biduk is offline
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Thumbs up Here's what a balanced, enzyme rich raw food diet does

He's the healthiest dog with the best demeanor of all I meet every day. But when I found him wandering a deserted highway by himself in a snowstorm two years ago, the opposite was true.

He was irritable and hyperactive with brown teeth and discolored gums, overweight at 110 lbs. with fat deposits covering his body and allergies that made him scratch so much he would bleed, his paws were raw from gnawing at them. His eyes were cloudy, giving an aura of life without purpose. Did I mention he was also diabetic...?

Obviously he was being fed a terrible kibble diet, most likely containing little or no meat and full of grains, corn, wheat and soy with loads of starch and by-products thrown in... a typical garbage, dangerous and unhealthy veterinarian/grocery store brand like Hills Prescription, Royal Canin, Science Diet, Purina, Pedigree, Ol' Roy, Iams, Eukanuba, etc.

I put him on a balanced and complete raw meat diet and the transformation was immediate.
His irritability and hyperactivity are things of the past and he's now the favorite of children and other dogs alike, with intelligence and a personality that separates him from the rest.

The allergies, gnawing and scratching vanished, his teeth are now whiter than mine and his gums are a bright red with muscle now replacing the fat that previously covered his body. His eyes (one brown and one blue) are clear, lucid and full of life. Did I mention he now weighs 73 lbs. and his diabetes disappeared into thin air...!

His daily diet is split into two feedings and takes just 5 minutes to make: 1 lb. pound of raw chicken or beef, 1/4 pound of raw organ meats (combination of chicken hearts, chicken gizzards, chicken liver, beef kidneys & beef liver), two raw eggs, one raw, meaty beef rib for his teeth, two omega krill oil capsules and a multivitamin with a few chopped up veggies ever once in a while. Everything bought at the grocery store for under $3/day and Iíll never, ever have to treat him for any food-related illness or disease (remember, up to 90% of illness and disease leading to premature death is totally related to diet!).

No annual vaccinations + feeding a species-appropriate diet = Healthiest Cats/Dogs = No vet visits = Unhappy Vets, AVMA & AAHA = Happiest Cats/Dogs = Happiest Pet Parents!
Bon chance. Roger Biduk
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