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Old 01-29-2013, 09:51 PM
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Default Are these people for real?

Have you have ever wondered if you should take your dog to an animal psychiatrist or behaviorist because she snaps at imaginary flies, chases shadows, or has an overly strong prey drive?

When your dog is in his crate, does he demolish his blankets so thoroughly that you are considering hiring him out as a document shredder? Does your dog frantically try to escape from your yard or home and resist capture? Is he aggressive, overreactive or overly sensitive to noise? Does he get hysterical during thunder storms? Hump everything in sight? Or suffer from a seizure disorder?

Has any illness or change in behavior occurred within days to weeks after a rabies vaccination? For example, your otherwise bold and playful puppy developed irrational fears days after his vet visit.

Have you worked on treating a stubborn, chronic condition such as a goopy ear or constant itching for months and finally have resolution only to have it flare up even worse after a rabies vaccine?

Your lovely, sweet dog had an unprovoked attack by another dog at the dog park. Other than skin wounds, your dog seems to be alright. Except now she is acting out in an aggressive manner that she’s never exhibited before. Post trauma? Possibly…..

All of the above behaviors and symptoms could be part of the rabies miasm, acquired from a rabies vaccine or even the bite of another vaccinated animal.

What about the unvaccinated puppy who is overly timid, overly aggressive, or hyperactive. She could also be suffering from inherited rabies miasm.

Other symptoms of the rabies miasm include any obsessive-compulsive behavior, difficulty swallowing, excessive gulping, drooling or sneezing, fear or obsessive desire for water or shiny objects, excessive vocalization, overreaction to normal stimuli, or tremors: anything that’s above and beyond what we would ex.pect as normal behavior. What’s similar in the animals affected at the emotional level is the lack of impulse control and the often extreme, erratic and obsessive nature of the behaviors.

One material explanation for all of these symptoms and behaviors is the strong evidence that the rabies vaccine can actually cause a low grade inflammation in the brain.
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