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Old 01-29-2013, 07:11 PM
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Default Talon got bitten

Yup. It's not bad and there are only a few small bite marks on his side. Not really punctures, just scrapes really. I'm more worried about how he does in puppy class tomorrow. He was already leery of the other dogs (not afraid, but disinterested) and now I think he's going to "get back at" the other dog using them. O_O erg.

So I came out of my apartment and down the first set of stairs and suddenly a little mini dachshund named precious was growling barking right in front of us and lunged. Got Talon right on his side. Talon scrambled up the stairs and I picked him up before the dog could grab him again. Poor boy was terrified.

The owner of precious was right there yelling at her dog and apologised and moved on. It wasn't really much of an apology, more of a "oh I'm sorry" and then started yelling at the dog again, who was ignoring her, and kept leaving until the dog finally followed.

This isn't our first run in with this dog. Though the apartment has leash rules, no one here uses one at all, except me. I don't mind 'cause most are under control or the owners are respectful and grab their dog as soon as they see someone coming. This dog ran at us before, barking it's head off and the owner again did nothing but yell at it as it ignore her. Apologized then walked away. We didn't actually have an attack last time though, the dog stopped a few feet away and then ran.

So now I'm kinda in an awkward situation. I don't want to complain because well, David is staying here and he's not on the lease. The manager is pretty strict on this as well, so I'm worried about getting told David needs to leave. So I'm concerned about backlash. But at the same time I don't want Talon to get attacked, or Art to get attacked either.

I can't really avoid either, as I can't hear the dog until it's right there.
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