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Old 01-29-2013, 04:15 PM
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Originally Posted by meepitsmeagan View Post
I LOVE conch piercings. LOVE them. I've got my rook and a normal cartilage, plus two lobe piercings on my left ear and then on my right, I have my tragus, snug, and two lobes.

My tragus had it's ups and downs. It would be good for a while, and then it would get a small keloid and flare up. I was super good about putting tea tree oil on it twice a day and now it's just about a year old and it's great. I got my rook and snug done at the same time. The rook gave me trouble after the first week and for the past three weeks it has improved tremendously. Now, my snug is giving me crap very similar to what the tragus did. Just a small keloid and some crusting. Tea tree oil and regular cleaning is all I can do. I'd get more piercings in a heartbeat, but DH isn't very fond of them, so right now, three exotics will hold me over.

What kind of cream do you use? I've had good luck with the tea tree oil, but it takes FOREVER to work.
I have my Tragus and conch on my right ear and 2 helix on my left plus both lobes (then nose and belly button too).

I use hydrocortisone cream, you can get it OTC at the drugstore. Both my piercers highly recommend it for keloids.

My close friends (chosen family) own a tattoo/piercing shop so I'm always thinking of new stuff to get done lol.

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