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Old 01-29-2013, 12:16 AM
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I'm not gonna post pics because it's in disarray, being semi-packed, some of it is already at my house, some is still here...
I bought some drawers that stack and come in different sizes; I have four drawers. The top drawer is small and holds the sweaters and coats. The second drawer holds all the bags of treats and the can with bully sticks in them. Underneath that is all the treat dispensing toys; the last drawer is like a miscellaneous drawer. I think all that's in the misc drawer right now is poop bags... and multiple extra Kong squeakers on a rope.

I loved Falon's idea of pre-packed bags so much last time we did this and I finally found bags I liked, so I have a dock diving bag, an agility bag, and a herding bag. I don't really need an obedience or rally bag right now, all that would go in it would be our single dumbbell LOL. I don't remember right now what's even in all the bags... I know there's a clicker and poop bags in each, herding bag has a clod of sheep hair (Auggie's breeder has haired sheep, not wooly sheep) for the dogs to play with and a long line. Agility bag has some tugs that are just for agility work and a Kong squeaker on a rope, and I think a stopwatch (if it's not in there it needs to be in there); dock diving bag I think also has a long line, Payton's new wubba just for dock diving, and another Kong squeaker on a rope.

I have a grooming box for all our grooming stuff. Like straight out of PetEdge grooming box. That and my grooming table, some of my best Christmas gifts of all time! There's a small plastic basket in the basement by the mud sink with shampoos and the Kong Zoom Grooms in it. I also have a plastic tote for health stuff like Bitter Apple, Trifexis, Frontline, the leftover Tylan powder, Benadryl, that sort of thing.

In my car is a metal "lunchbox" that holds the slip leads we use for agility trials and the flat buckle collars for ob/rally. I leave them in the trunk of my car; I never use the flat buckles or slip leads anywhere but trials so no reason to pack and unpack them. There's also a spare Kong on a rope in there. I also keep a spare grooming brush in my trunk.

Each dog has their own binder for medical records, pedigree, and title certs. I JUST got Payton's first title cert today by the way. LOL oh CGC you make me so unreasonably proud.

There's a box on top of their crates that most of the leads are in.

For toys, there's a small box in the living room (they don't really play in there anymore because my dad yells at them for getting "too wild," i.e. playing.) and a large bone shaped box in the office here with plush toys. I have a small crate for tennis balls, a small crate for non-tennis balls (mostly plastic-type balls), a crate for plastic toys, and another crate just for all the sheep toys... there's a small pile in my bedroom for Payton to play with at night (I don't care if he plays by himself at 3AM as long as he's quiet.) Once we're moved in this will change, the majority of the toys will be in the living room and only a small box in the office, possibly a small box in the library as well because I'm dreaming of curling up in my chair in there to read so the dogs will need a toy or something. Oh, I also have a small plastic basket for outside toys - the Chuck It balls, the flying squirrel, the bumi, that sort of thing.

Things will be organized differently at my house; for one thing, the treats will probably go in a kitchen cabinet and I would like the treat dispensing toys to be in a tote in the kitchen near the treats and food, so more things will be able to hide nicely in the drawers. (treat dispensing toys take up a LOT of space!) I can't put holes in the wall to hang things here and I plan to hang their main leads up at my house. So... it's kinda disorganized right now because I don't have the liberty to REALLY organize it nicely. =P

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