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Old 01-26-2013, 05:32 PM
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Really? You love peekachiapompomdoodlewhadadingdongs with nasty demeanors that lunge at you and try to bite, JUST AS EQUALLY as your own breed that you are involved with? You love stupid labs that climb up your face and attack your dog? You love the ugliest POS things in the world (whatever breed fits "ugliest" to you) ABSOLUTELY IN YOUR HEART OF HEARTS exactly the same as the breed you are in love with and choose to own and dedicate your entire mind and soul to? and further, you love ALL THOSE OTHER KINDS OF DOGS EQUALLY WITH YOURS FOR NO OTHER REASON THAN THEYRE ALL DOGS?

No. Almost NO ONE who has picked a purebred as their heart of hearts "loves all dogs for dogs". If your mom showed you the most hideous vile puppy she just got that went against everything you believe in, from a pet store, of a breed designer mix you find completely awful, dont tell me you would adore that dog just as much as you adore a puppy from your own breed, on the simple basis that its a dog

It IS a huge issue and it does happen, in the working world, in the show world, in the pet world. Elitism is alive and kicking, and it doesnt even have to be elitism of anything elite "my mixed breed is more sorry and bedraggled than yours, and therefor more worthy of love than yours" etc etc
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