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Old 01-21-2013, 12:15 PM
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Originally Posted by PWCorgi View Post
THIS!! If the owners of the business don't care, then why should the SD owners? If the dogs are not being passed off as SD, then what is the big deal?

I love that the TC area has a group dedicated to letting people know where dogs can go in stores in the cities. A lot of the places are like cell phone stores and the like, and that's awesome! Means I am way more likely to go into those businesses because I can bring a dog. Well, not that Frodo would go to non-pet store places, but Siri sure will be dragged along!
Well apparently, people drag little toy dogs around into places where they really aren't allowed, and the staff doesn't want to say anything (because the customer is always right), and the dogs aren't necessarily housebroken, etc. So that's kind of an issue. And the thing is, if you brought a bigger dog in, someone usually would stop you, so it's a bit unfair.

That said, it's easier to ask forgiveness than permission. When I was in Orlando with Tess, I went to a cafe that a friend suggested, which had a dog menu. And my dog was allowed on the patio. I very much doubt she was allowed in the cafe itself, but I took her in anyway to place our order, because she was really thirsty and I wanted to get her water fast. And the very nice person who served us didn't tell me my dog couldn't be in there, but I'm sure she wasn't supposed to be. I didn't try to claim her as a service dog or anything, I just took her in, ordered food and water, and allowed us to be shepherded back to sit on the patio.

As to the show, haven't watched it, but it sounds silly. And definitely like a poor representation of service dogs. Service dogs aren't supposed to be allowed to do anything disruptive of business. I think other customers might be disturbed at seeing a dog eating from a fork in the restaurant, so that would be disruptive.
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