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Old 01-21-2013, 12:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Dogdragoness View Post
For the record (although this may sound like a jab at kids & parents it is NOT, its just a comment based on observations I have made) I have seen kids do things at the table (pick their noses & other grosss things) that are much grosser then something any dog would do, & kids are also known walking germ factories wherist dogs are not. I would much rather a dog put their nose in my food then have a kids hand in it LOL (sorrry, but it is true).

Not saying its right for Shorty to do what hes doing, but I have also found the way some service dogs, esp the ones being trained by handlers to be given to someone a little off putting, they are seen more as tools then living beings with feelings. At least Hercules is loved & fulfilled & it seems they really have a ganuine love & a pretty cool relationship
While working the dog is a tool, the dog should be trained to behave a certain way while in the harness, while out of harness they are pets. And since the handlers depend on the dog for their lives they are often treated better then most pets. If my dog dies I am sad, but I can still leave my house, if my friends who need their service dogs to function daily dies they are home bound unless someone can go with them.

As for kids, personally I don't want other people kids or pets near my food, I generally eat in adult only setting because I don't want to deal with other people's offspring. Difference is that kids are allowed in public places and dogs are not. I don't know anyone who is allergic to kids, I do however know people who are.
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