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Old 01-19-2013, 10:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Aleron View Post
Yes that is exactly it. If they are asleep and are startled, they might snap. They don't all have the issue but it's worth mentioning because I don't think a lot of rescues talk much about it.
The sleep aggression in rescue greys isn't a breed trait, it's an environmental one. At the track, once they are separated from mom they spend the night in individual crates sleeping totally alone and separate. When you consider that some retired racers are 4-5+ years old when they come off the track, most probably don't remember a time when any living thing touched them while they were sleeping. Greys raised in homes don't develop that problem.

Dog aggression is pretty uncommon, but it can happen. Once in a while you can have a serious bitch fight, but those are really really rare and usually between siblings raised together. In some breeds males can be SSA or intolerant. Ibizan hounds, borzoi, and deerhounds I know for sure can be SSA. It tends to run in lines, so it's something to research and ask a breeder about if it might be an issue. Strider became male intolerant when he matured, but after he got epilepsy he became overly defensive with other males to the point of being a jerk.

Borzois are awesome. Giant couch potatoes, yet they love to go for 10 mile hikes and run full blast for two hours if you give them the chance. Pretty much the most perfect dog ever except that they're totally oblivious to prowlers unless the prowler is a raccoon.

Zois have a long silky single coat. I rarely brush mine and they look nice. Some zois tend to get mats behind their ears and in their skirts. Mine don't, except Kaia behind the ears so I just take some thinning shears and trim a little out once or twice a year to keep it manageable. She seems more comfy that way.

They do shed, but it's not bad. You know how a lab or GSD has short bristly hair that pokes into couch upholstery and carpets? They leave long silky hair, like human hair, and it vacuums up really easily. Mine go months without any significant shedding and then blow their coats. Strider blows his once a year-ish and Kaia blows hers a couple of months after she goes into season. Spayed females won't blow coat like that and end up coated like males.

They are really easy to live with. I specifically looked for biddable individuals, and they're independent but they listen to me. They don't usually listen to other people and that drives my parents nuts. A couple of Kaia's puppies were giant hellions. lol. I'm helping one puppy buyer get through the terrible teens right now. Z is very feisty and independent. When you get a dog like that, the best thing is NILIF whenever they get too full of themselves and tricking them into thinking the stuff you want them to do is really their idea. And they're wicked smart, so that can be a lot harder than it sounds.
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Old 01-19-2013, 10:34 PM
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Thanks a bunch for all that information. I really do appreciate it!

It seems like a lot of breeds I like seem to have SSA depending on the lines. Of course it is something I can deal with, since I'd be getting a male anyways if and when I got another dog.

The thing I love most about what I've heard from sighthounds is that they can be calm indoors, yet exercise all you want outdoors. They have a nice off switch. I could never imagine myself with a dog that didn't have an off switch. They would drive me absolutely crazy!

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Old 01-19-2013, 10:47 PM
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A message from Joey: "ohhhhh the wonderful thing about beezers is beezers are wonderful things. Their tops are made out of rubber, their bottoms are made out of springs. They're bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy fun fun fun fun fun...."

I have experience around greyhounds, whippets, borzoi, saluki and Ibizans mainly. But... I'll stick with explaining my experience around Ibizans (beezers as they are often called too).

Mind you my clown is a young male and absolutely nutters so he might not really represent the breed as a whole. Momto8 has more Ibizan experience than me and can paint a better picture of the breed probably.

Joey is an independent dog for the most part which tends to get him into trouble. He's always curious, watchful and always wandering around finding stuff to get into. Very easygoing. He's super soft and shuts down pretty easily if you raise your voice. You can't use force training with him at all. He does respond real well to the clicker and is definitely teachable, but he does seem to catch onto things much slower than my other two dogs. I don't know if that is necessarily an Ibizan thing so much as a Joey thing. He's just not all there upstairs sometimes, but he's young and needs some maturing. I think he will always be a little bit of a dur dur dur though.

He's VERY barky when he wants to be. He has learned to play a little quieter for the most part, but when he plays he tends to be all over the place, bouncing over other dogs, barking, running... literally all over the place. He definitely likes to bark a lot though. The bouncing... oh god the bouncing... he jumps SUPER high. The other day I took him to the dog park. There was a crowd of dogs in one spot. He was running full speed towards the group of dogs and instead of going around them he flew right over all the dogs. After that I heard multiple people talking about him at the park and they all paid pretty close attention to him since he can be pretty comical when he gets to bouncing around.

Shedding... he does shed. He's a wire coat so maybe it's just more noticeable with him, but he does shed... though nowhere near as bad as Bamm.

Joey is always on alert when we are outside. He's always searching for squirrels, rabbits, anything he can chase and I do not trust him offleash in an unfenced area except when he is chasing a lure at a lure course event.

He's not a fantastic example of the breed, but he's my favorite sighthound... of course I'm biased lol.

And a few videos of the crazy monster...

First time ever practicing lure coursing

Running the other day at the dog park

Another dog park one...

Playing on the bed with Cricket

eta: not sure why my videos aren't showing up on my screen?
Joey- Ibizan Hound
Cricket- Mexican Street dog (we think Xolo mix)
Bamm- BC mix
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Old 01-19-2013, 11:13 PM
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Arguably my favourite group. I love the extreme appearance and exaggerated features of some of them. Ibizans are one I have been obsessed with for most of my life. Also a big fan of the Azawakh and Sloughi, Basenji, and Scottish Deerhound. Those are my favourite sighthounds.

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Old 01-19-2013, 11:23 PM
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Regardless of where the akc puts them, ridgebacks are cur dogs not sight hounds. So personality, energy and exercise requirements are more like those for a black mouth or catahoula or even a heeler.
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Old 01-20-2013, 05:24 AM
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Originally Posted by skittledoo View Post

And a few videos of the crazy monster...

First time ever practicing lure coursing

Running the other day at the dog park

Another dog park one...

Playing on the bed with Cricket

eta: not sure why my videos aren't showing up on my screen?
You used the wrong code from the YouTube page. Click the "Share this Video" link on the YouTube page and just copy the letter/number combination after the last backslash. Click the YouTube icon above the message composition box here in Chaz and past the letters/numbers between the tag brackets. Fixed yours

Errrr, more on sighthounds after I have a coffee or two.

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Old 01-20-2013, 10:39 AM
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Afghan hounds are pretty intimidating to a lot of people considering their first sighthound but they are where most of my experience lies so I will sum them up for you.

The thing that sticks out most is they have an amazing off switch, like most sighthounds. They'll chill on the couch all day with you or hike for the entire day. Where ever your energy level is at that day they are pretty happy to match it.

Very independent, especially around the house. They don't need to know she you are every second of the day. They'll come check up on you once in awhile but they aren't going to follow you from room to room.
Unless there is food involved of course!
They can be very food motivated. Most are not really toy motivated, and if they are they loose that after they are a few years old.

They are fairly quiet. Alert barking and barking at other dogs to play is about it. Most are not going to bark just to hear themselves bark.
Aloof with strangers for the most part but loving with family.
They are also very smart and you need to be careful what you teach or they will often use it to their own advantage. Many figure out how to open cupboards, doors, turn on taps. They are perhaps a little too good at problem solving! Despite their appearance they are pretty unobtrusive housemates. If there is a fuss going in that they don't like they just leave. They also have more funny quirks than you can shake a stick at and can often be utter clowns.

I have only had a saluki for 3 months and I've only had limited experience with other salukis but here is what I've noticed.

All the saluki's I've met are more people oriented than my Af's. They enjoy meeting strangers and love to be loved. They also are more vocal. Not with barking per say but they chatter and howl and mutter and sing for numerous reasons. Many also love to climb on tables and things so beware! Like Afghan's they are smart and often problem solve in ways you would rather they didn't!
I haven't really spent much time training my guy yet but he seems less interested in the whole learning process. All my Afghans have loved to learn, and all been very quick learners.
They have the same off switch and are just as willing to chill out as to run a marathon.
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Old 01-20-2013, 10:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Romy View Post
The sleep aggression in rescue greys isn't a breed trait, it's an environmental one. At the track, once they are separated from mom they spend the night in individual crates sleeping totally alone and separate. When you consider that some retired racers are 4-5+ years old when they come off the track, most probably don't remember a time when any living thing touched them while they were sleeping. Greys raised in homes don't develop that problem.
That has not been my experience. Remember that I said most of my experience with the breed has been with AKC Greyhounds. There are Greys raised in homes from puppyhood who have issues with sleep aggression or just being touchy about their space while resting.
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Old 01-20-2013, 11:48 AM
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A few things I forgot:

Pops is right...Ridgebacks aren't very typically sighthounds (and as far as I know, there is very little sighthound in their backgrounds if even any at all). But I figured they're worth mentioning to someone who's not really interested in specific sighthound traits, just the general group....they do have some similar personality traits, in my experience with pet/show bred ridgebacks, they're soft, though not as soft as others, and maybe more trainable than a whippet or greyhound, but still more independent and stubborn than a lab. I also don't think DA is nearly as common as it is in catahoulas and heelers, and they can be trained a pretty reliable recall.

I think they're probably bigger/"more dog" than you're looking for, though.

Borzois are also very large dogs. I'm not sure what your size requirements are.

I've also never known a sighthound that was aggressive when roused from sleep.

I also totally forgot about the pharaoh hounds. I've only worked with one Pharaoh, and he wasn't as primitive as I think some northern breeds and shiba inus might be...he seemed more shy than primitive, honestly. But I guess compared to a lab or German shepherd, they're kind of primitive. He was well trained and very bonded to his owner.
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Old 01-20-2013, 12:38 PM
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My sighthound experience is with Ibizan Hounds.

They are the clown of the sighthounds. They are silly and goofy. But natural hunters, they can and will kill small game. I can't even count the amount of rabbits and squirrels that Courtney has caught. They are very elegant and deerlike. They carry themselves like they are very proud dogs.
As far as getting along with other dogs, I have heard of some issue's with intact boys being around intact boys, other than that I know people that have 5-10 ibizans and they all live peacefully. This can vary from bloodline to bloodline. My bloodline tends to be more tolerant, my breeder having 2 male brothers that are uncles to her girl, and they have never ever had a problem, and both even came into the home after they were older and both are still intact.
They are extremely smart and learn things very quickly. Depending on bloodlines and upbringing these guys can be very easy to train. Some, like Courtney are very biddable and loves to please their owners. I know many people who compete in agility, rally and obedience with these guys. Training needs to be kept fun and upbeat!
They are excellent with kids, they will pick a kid out of the crowd just to say hi! They tend to be a little aloof, very bonded with their owners. Typically they love their one person and everyone else is just chopped liver.
They are a pretty vocal breed, every time we go coursing we are told that we own one of the loudest sighthounds aside from Pharoh Hounds lol! I swear Courtney starts barking and screaming the minute we step out of the car. At home she's quiet in the house unless she see's something out the window. Outside for potty time, it can get nuts. If rabbits, squirrels, cats ect are about everyone knows!
Like most sighthounds they are clean and don't have alot of dog oder and can go months without baths.
They can jump, secure fencing is a must. Courtney can jump up and look over my 6 ft wood fence, several people in our breed have had them fully clear 6ft fences.
As far as living with small animals I think it depends on the dog. Courtney is not small dog or cat safe, however my breeder has 3 Ibizans and also has 2 cats. And several breeders have Ibizans and IG's.
They come in 2 coat varieties, smooth and wire. Wire can range from very tight wire to extremely long. They are always red and white, and come in 3 different varieties Irish ( mainly red) pinto ( white with red splashes) and white ( white with a small amount of red markings) Their eyes are always amber colored and nose is always pink/flesh colored.
They are one of the sweetest breeds ever in my opinion but I'm biased <3 They are a breed that will touch your heart and your soul and you'll never understand how you were without one <3

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