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Old 01-19-2013, 08:05 PM
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Default How often you get sick? (Cold/Flu/etc.)

So, a friend of mine recently made a comment about how most people get 2 or 3 colds a year, and I was like "Whaaa???". Then I looked it up, and alas, the average frequency of the common cold in an adult is 2-3 per year.

That seems insane to me. I would DIE if I got that many colds a year. I have a cold now, the last time I had one was almost 3 years ago, and a year and a half before that I had strep throat. immune system kind of sucks (or so I thought). I'm underweight, I don't normally take vitamins, I think hand sanitizer is a huge scam, I don't put toilet paper down on public toilet seats, I'll pretty much share my drink or fork with anyone unless they're hacking coughing or have blisters all over their mouth.

So, how often do you get sick?
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Old 01-19-2013, 08:17 PM
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I typically get pretty sick once a year. And when I say sick I mean a serious head cold or virus or some sort. A couple of times a year I might get a sore throat or the sniffles for a couple of days, but the full-blown colds and coughs are fairly uncommon.

Knocking on wood here, but I haven't had the flu in about ten years, strep throat in about fifteen, and the last time I had a bad stomach virus (food poisoning) was about three years ago.

I don't think I'm particularly healthy, either. I do take vitamins, exercise, drink lots of water, and drink tons of tea with honey. My diet leaves a lot to be desired, though. I do take a fair amount of sanitation precautions. I wash my hands a lot, use hand sanitizer, and use a fair amount of lysol, bleach, and vinegar when cleaning my home. I have all hardwood and tile so I mop frequently.

I consider myself lucky. I know a lot of people who are sick much more frequently than I am.

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Old 01-19-2013, 08:21 PM
ruffiangirl ruffiangirl is offline
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Maybe once every year or two, I agree with the hand sanitizer thing, I only take vitamins because of the reduced calorie diet I am on right now, I am morbidly obese, have three dogs and work in a hotel with people from all over the world staying at it. We have a bin of pens that we all use, customers and staff alike, we handle cash and credit cards, luggage carts and key cards several times a day.

My son, who is 14, was allowed to crawl in dirt, play with dogs, cats, ferrets etc pets, and he hardly get sick either, last year he had one stomach flu, the year before that was his appendix, lol.
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Old 01-19-2013, 08:22 PM
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I'd say 5ish times a year is pretty spot on. Leaning towards an average of like 3-6 times. If anyone around me is sick, I am too.

I eat healthy (sorta), exercise frequently and am a naturally pretty healthy person. I take vitamins, I drink plenty of water, I love hand sanitizer.. but...

1. College. Full of sick, stressed, packed in students with no sense of personal space. Parties alone are hot beds for germs.. libraries and classrooms coming in a close 2nd.
2. City. Public transportation ALONE. I am so grossed out with myself sometimes. I'll spend half an hour on the train, people are coughing and sneezing and I'm touching the bar that 1000000 people have touched, and then I'll get off the train and eat and I'm like "did I watch my hands. Oh god."
I live in a constant state of "on top of other people" lol
3. Dog walker. Lots of door knobs, lots of dogs, lots of people's homes..germs.
4. Boys. Full of germs. They touch everything, you don't get enough sleep cause of them, you can't sanitize saliva, they are stressful.
5. Being naturally very tidy/clean. I honestly believe my addiction to cleanliness is a huge reason why I'm sick all of the time. My apartment is sanitized weekly completely, I have germ air filter thingies, I take off shoes and wipe paws.. so I spend most of my time in a relatively germ free environment. then I go outside and it's like BAM! GERMS EVERYWHERE!
6. I am a naturally anxious personal with an oral fixation. When I am stressed, my hands go to mess with my lips. This is a very very bad idea.
7. My friends have no concept of personal space/healthy habits. What is mine is theirs. They drink out of cartons, sip out of water bottles, use my shower, sneeze on my counters, TOUCH EVERYTHING.
They can also be very huggy.
8. Netflix. I need to learn how to sleep more.

Disclaimer: I work for Trupanion and love it/our policy! But I do not speak for the company or as the company.
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Old 01-19-2013, 08:25 PM
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It comes in waves for me. I can be good for a few years, then one year I'll catch a few.
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Old 01-19-2013, 08:43 PM
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I used to get a cold once a year, at most. Since I had a kid I'm sick several times each year. He is a very poor sleeper and I'm always the one who gets up with him (the other half apparently cannot hear a 30 lb child yell, even after two years) so I never have proper sleep, and because we sometimes share food, I usually get whatever daycare bug he is carrying about.

Right now I have neverending bronchitis (maybe?) It is ever irksome. If I had a doctor, I'd probably cave and go, just to get proper cough meds, but no one takes new patients within a 3 week period.
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Old 01-19-2013, 08:50 PM
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I get sick 2-3 times a year with colds that last more than a day. Colds that last a day or less, or feeling under the weather because I'm fighting something off doesn't count.

I used to get sick (seriously sick) every 2-3 weeks. It changed when I started exposing myself to more germs. I stopped washing my hands before I ate, stopped using hand sanitizer before getting in my car, stopped washing my hands after going outside or paying with the dog unless they were actually dirty. . . it helped so much it was a little scary. I still remember the day where I marked that it had been one month without catching a cold on the calendar. My friends even congratulated me.

Now? I work in a dealership. Dealerships are GROSS. I still get sick 2-3x a year, but I lysol my desk every day and wash my hands as frequently as possible.

Originally Posted by milos_mommy View Post immune system kind of sucks (or so I thought). I'm underweight, I don't normally take vitamins, I think hand sanitizer is a huge scam, I don't put toilet paper down on public toilet seats, I'll pretty much share my drink or fork with anyone unless they're hacking coughing or have blisters all over their mouth.
That's probably why. You're exposing yourself to tons and tons of bacteria and viruses in small enough amounts that it's giving your body a chance to develop immunity.
"and I dont play the victim, I own my stuff... but whatever blows your skirt up. "
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Old 01-19-2013, 08:51 PM
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I usually get 'sick-sick' (as in throwing up, weak, bleh) about once a year, and end up with a cough once a year or less, as well. The sickest I've been was actually this year, where I was fine all year, and then got bronchitis in September (that lasted into mid-late October), and then the stomach flu in December.

Other than that I don't get that sick often. I usually am either really sick or not sick at all. I don't mind sharing water bottles/forks/etc with people, unless they are sick, and I was my hands like a regular person (sometimes before eating, after using the restroom, etc.) So I'd consider myself 'average'.

Crystal - Sheltie x German Shepherd mix, August 2009, Professional Family Sidekick
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Old 01-19-2013, 08:52 PM
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I rarely get sick, but when I do there is normally booze involved.

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Old 01-19-2013, 08:55 PM
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I am very rarely sick. The last time I was truly ill was 2004 - I was down with the flu for about 2 or 3 days. I will have a day once or twice a year where I think I'm getting sick. I'll get that scratchy throat feeling, or a sniffle, but it is gone in 24 hours. I don't even get colds. I used to credit it with working outside, and therefore not being exposed to other people/enclosed spaces so much. But I've been working in a lab for the last 3 years with chemicals that are supposed to damage your immune system - still not sick.

I do have some allergies, and very weird allergic reactions to a lot of foods that have never been really sorted out. I actually wonder if I don't have an immune system that is just in overdrive, causing both the allergy issues and the never getting sick thing.

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