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Old 01-17-2013, 09:46 PM
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Default Again :)

LOL so apparently when I got banned by the spam filter, it killed all of my posts (Ok, seriously? Two posts. Not a lot.)
Anyway, I wanted to stop by, say hi and update some of the stuff going on.

I should probably note that this is BackwardCinderella. The wonderful mods took care of getting rid of my old account for me so its no longer active. There were just too many memories there that I didn't want anything to do with, much less reminders of. Anyway, onto the "reintrouction" and some NEW intros as well. We spent just over a year in El Paso, running an in home grooming salon and volunteering at the Humane Society, even graduating from ABC for Veterinary assistance. But let me tell you, in all my travels I have never been to a city that so hates its animals, and so, in march Piglet, Bridget & Percy. That makes five with Doom & Bobsie.


I don't remember if I was still here when we got Piglet. We adopted her from the humane society in El Paso, she ha been hit by a car, abandoned by owners who couldn't afford her veterinary needs, and then dropped puppies two days after she was admitted. She'd been at HSEP for months looking for a forever home. We had some aggression issues with her at first, but as she's healed, she has become a wonderful, if silly addition to the family. She licks EVERYTHING an will eat ANYTHING given half a chance.


Bridget was owned by a client of mine. I groomed her on a pretty regular basis, and then one day the call came in. "We're going to Korea. I can't take her. Please help me." And we took her. She looks like a cross between Doom and Bobsie, and I can't resist her silly little face.


Percy's story is about as sad as Piglet's... We were on our way to pick up dog food one morning about three weeks before we left El Paso. I saw a streak of gol shoot across the intersection by my house and told my husband to stop. Thankfully it wasn't a busy street or I don't know what would have happened. I got out of the car and walked to where he was sitting, squatted down and called to him. He came immediately, rolled over and pee'd on me. He was so scared. I coaxed him into the car and took him to be scanned for a chip, but no luck. I took him home, cleaned him up and posted fliers everywhere. Someone removed them, over and over and over again. Then it came time to go back to Colorado. We made the decision to keep him rather than sending him to the Humane Society. He has been our Marley, his separation anxiety is a force to be reckoned with, but he'll get there. Its not as if he doesn't have reason to be afraid to be left. I had initially though some neighbors who had moved over night had dumped him, but then around the city a total of eight golden retriever puppies around Percy's age (9 months) started popping up abandoned. Puppy mill, or at least that's what it says to me. Maybe not. Anyway, he just got neutered, and starts puppy classes next week. We're happy to have him, and Winnie loves him (find me a dog Winnie DOESN'T love!)

And of course, Doom & Bobsie, our seniors in control:

In which creeper dogs, products and nonsense are discussed.
Formerly Backward_Cinderella

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