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Old 01-13-2013, 05:44 PM
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I understand the whole concept of a dog being fed crap it's whole life, but if a dog is showing health by healthy skin, coat and teeth, wouldn't that indicate the rest could be healthy too?

I'm not defending crap food at all, like I said it would never ever occur to me to fed it, but I find that so many dogs are fed these types of food and do well on it and led long, happy lives. I just don't understand it and sometimes find myself debating leaving a foster dog on it until they are adopted out and a change of food for the better is done.

My old guy Peluche just turned 15 and is peppy as all hell. He runs around like a little maniac and can jump clear over the big guys like an agility star. His owners fed him crap food his whole life, I got him at 14, and is super healthy still. I changed him right away to better food, but still how could a dog be in such great shape on crappy food?
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Old 01-13-2013, 05:59 PM
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My childhood American Eskimo ate science diet his whole life...and for a large portion of his life, pedigree wet food.

He was a pet store puppy, with no known health testing done on parents. He lived to be 16 years old, and died in his sleep, with no serious health problems ever in his life.

He had allergies, which were definitely seasonal/environmental, which he got cortizone shots for twice a year. Otherwise, he developed mild arthritis as he aged, which was kept under control with OTC glucosamine tablets (he still ran around like crazy until he died), and at some point, lost his hearing, but again, was 16 years old at the time.

He never had a professional teeth cleaning and had no problems with his teeth...had a health skin and coat...was very energetic and playful his entire life.

I, to this day, wonder if he'd have lived longer if he ate a healthier diet.
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