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Old 01-13-2013, 05:57 PM
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Birds don't really ever "get better". They either like you, or they don't. At least in my experience. Our Cockatiel mostly loves everyone. First Quaker hated everyone. He finally committed suicide via Zander.

Second Quaker also hated everyone. He was missing a few toes, talked up a storm, but never learn any behavioral or training cues like step up or anything. One day one of our bird rescue ladies walked in the house, he fell in love, and now he is in a new home that he absolutely LOVES. He's a completely different bird over there. We've even gone over to visit him, and it's like nothing else. Just THE most lovey dovey bird.

Cockatoo got possessive over my mothers' husband. Would scream ALL DAY LONG and ALL FREAKING NIGHT if he wasn't around. Ever heard a cockatoo scream bloody murder? Oh, it was horrible. But anyway, same deal with the Quaker. We set up a few potential homes for her, she decided she LOVED some woman, and that was that. She's a completely different bird now.

Many rescues and foster birds that came through were the same way. They either love you, they hate you, or they tolerate you. There's not much inbetween and there isn't a "getting better", usually. I mean, if you were in a relationship with someone you hated, you'd be pretty mean and miserable too, wouldn't you? I think that's just how birds are. They need that PERFECT match.

So I'd say your choices are either keep trying/deal or find a home she actually likes.
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