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Old 01-11-2013, 11:07 PM
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Thumbs down potty training!!!!! leash training!!! help.

hi everyone i got a new great pyrenees puppy. and i was wondering if you can give me tips on potty training her. She was an outside dog already 6-8 months old and i would love her to be an inside dog. She doesnt give me a hint she has to potty. she pottied 3 times in the last couple hours. She goes to lay down but then BOOM peeing on my carpet. i smack my hands together and tell her outside and she doesnt want to go!! so i make my other dogs go outside so she can follow them.

Also leash training. She doesnt mind the leash being held but as soon as there is pressure she freezes wont move for nothing!! She will follow off the leash but i dont want her to learn that because i live in a city. there are laws and i dont want her to run off if she sees a rabbit cat etc.
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Old 01-11-2013, 11:13 PM
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There are 3 rules I used when house training my puppy:

1. Supervise
2. Praise when going outside in designated area
3. Take puppy out regularly

Now I'll expand on the rules.

Supervise means exactly this. If your puppy is not crated you should be watching him/her closely. I used a leash and tied it around my ankle when he was out of his crate. This does two things, allows you to keep track of him all times and allows you to catch him while going inside. If you do catch him, pick him up immediately and bring him outside to finish. Praise while going outside. Do NOT yell at him or otherwise punish him for going inside. Ignore it. You do not want your dog "hiding" his mistakes. He doesn't recognize that going to the bathroom inside is bad. He just knows you get mad when there is pee that you can see.

You should be taking him out after he eats, after he's been playing, after he naps. At least once an hour if you can. I started out taking Chase every twenty minutes at first. Waited 5-10 minutes then brought him inside. I praised him every time he went to the bathroom outside. In fact, it's become habit that when I am playing or taking him out on the leash outside, that when he goes, I praise him.

If you're doing this, you should have a housebroken puppy fairly quickly without damaging your relationship. Just remember they can't hold their bladder/bowels indefinitely at a young age. You should be providing opportunities to use the bathroom frequently and praising when he utilizes them appropriately.

Also he wore his leash inside all the time. That should help with leash training as well. He'll get used to the weight and restricted movement. Once he's comfortable on the leash you can google "silky leash training" to watch a really good video on leash training.
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Old 01-11-2013, 11:15 PM
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From what I read, she is a puppy mill rescue. You're going to need a LOT of patience. A lot.

Potty training will come slowly. Sloooooowly. For some mill rescues, it's never 100%. Praise and treat her for going outside, and keep messes inside clean and spotless. If you catch her in the act, try and coax her excitedly outside and wait for her to go out there.

Others will have suggestions for the leash manners I'm sure, but she may not want to/be able to go on walks right away. It's a lot to take in for a mill rescue. Get her used to a leash slowly and build up rewarding her for taking a step with the leash on, several steps, etc. Maintain a calm demeaner when training her, be patient and keep sessions short.

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Old 01-12-2013, 09:42 PM
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Crate and tether. This worked wonders for our pyr. Tether to you and take her out on a schedule and if you can't be with her then crate her.
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Old 01-13-2013, 01:08 PM
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If she IS indeed a puppy mill dog, crating her won't work, as she will go in the crate, since she's been forced to in the past.

It sounds like her fear of the leash is a big problem. I would try getting a lighter lead, even though she must be a pretty big puppy, a lighter leash will help her get used to it. You might want to try a harness instead of a collar, too. I don't usually ever recommend a flexi leash, but this might help in your case...sometimes dogs won't notice them as much as other leashes. If you do this, I would only use it in your yard and make sure it's a high quality one that is reliable to lock.

You're going to need to stay outside with her for longer periods. Are you just letting her out with the other dogs?

Also, smacking your hands together, if she's a timid dog, might be hurting rather than helping. If she's fearful of it, she might be hesitant to go outside in front of you, for fear you'll clap again and scare her. She doesn't know you're clapping because you're inside, she thinks it's because you see her going potty. I would just pick her up without saying anything and bring her outside (or leash her if she's too big to pick up...she should probably be leashed in the house for now anyway). Whenever she does go outside, make it a HUGE deal. Praise her tons and tons and tons and tons, give cookies, etc.

Inside, I'd recommend an ex pen or baby-gateing her into a small area (kitchen, bathroom, mudroom) and covering the floor in puppy pads or newspaper. Put her there if you aren't watching.
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