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Old 01-11-2013, 05:05 PM
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Originally Posted by SaraB View Post
I loooove this photo. I was going to do something similar, however I saw your photo and decided there's no way I could've shot one that compared so I went with another idea. I like how the warmth of the image, I think it helps convey a relaxed mood. The red of the blanket and the red of the tablet cover is another fantastic detail. The only thing I would've changed is to possibly try to get the tablet on the same plane as the focused area (Kastle's face). I think it would've helped show you as the subject of the photo as well as Kastle. So easy for me to sit here and say that, when I know how difficult it is to prefocus the camera and shoot with a remote shutter release!!
Yay! I love critiques! *LOVE* Thanks!

OMG I struggled, struggled, struggled to get it to focus. I had originally set it to only take a shot if the shot was in focus. I had to change that, focus the camera and then insist it take the picture. It was so hard!

I deliberately did not focus myself I feel that I am defined by dogs, not only mine, but also at work. I am sort of what my dogs show...if that makes sense.

One thing that I despise about this photo - actually two - and I guarantee I'll point it out and then everyone will be staring at it LOL

My Nook is closed, because the cover open is a little dirty and I didn't want to deal with the smudgies - but I can see the cover is NOT open. Also, the remote for my camera is in my hand, holding the Nook, I can see me pushing the button - ugh. haha
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Old 01-11-2013, 05:35 PM
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Originally Posted by FG167 View Post
I deliberately did not focus myself I feel that I am defined by dogs, not only mine, but also at work. I am sort of what my dogs show...if that makes sense.
I was wondering if it was intentional or not! Totally makes sense this way.

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Old 01-11-2013, 06:55 PM
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Originally Posted by SaraB View Post
Jealous of your ability to get indoor action shots! I love how this one image ties together three very different concepts, the creativity is awesome! The only thing I would change is the crop. I think a vertical crop would frame the subject better while taking away the potentially distracting background.
Yeahhhh I don't know how to crop a photo. Not even joking LOL. But you are totally right - it would make it look better!

Thanks for the compliment about getting the action shot! It took me FOREVER to get it, though! The lighting in my house is horrible, so I played with opening a window, closing another, opening a second, closing, etc. Kimma was tired of jumping the cello for sure hahaha.

Thanks meepitsmeagan for the siggy!

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Old 01-12-2013, 05:08 PM
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I am a total newbie at using my camera in manual. I took the dogs out today and attempted to get shots for both challenges and this was the first time I have ever used the manual settings. I admit, they don't make much sense to me but I gave it a try.

ETA: I can't seem to get it to post from it's from Photobucket.
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Old 01-12-2013, 06:21 PM
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So sorry it's super late, flickr finally let me back in last night.

Like I said, not nearly as creative as the rest of the group, but I wanted something for the first week.

This photo explains me in many ways. My favorite color is purple. I love Muck Boots (SO comfy!) and exploring places that allow me to wear them, like muddy hikes. I like bright colors (blue leash). And most of all, I *adore* the spark I see so often in Blaze's eyes. So full of happy and adventure.

Shutter Speed - 1/250. F/stop - 2. ISO - 400. 35mm lens. Shot on a cloudy day in the afternoon.

l ~Jennifer~ l
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Old 01-19-2013, 12:36 AM
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Hey, photo peeps, random question...

I have a 75-300 mm Canon lens that I want to sell and I paid $240 for it brand new. I've only used it a few times and I still have the box. How much can/should I sell it for? I need the money pretty bad.
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Old 01-19-2013, 10:30 AM
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I paid about $85 for my 80-200mm lens used. Amazon is selling non-USM 75-300mm Canon lenses for about $150. USM lenses are $165.
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