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Old 01-10-2013, 03:54 PM
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Default Removal of the fuzzies

By far my least favorite physical attribute of Tucker is his fuzziness. I believe it was caused by his neuter (though I can't be sure since he was neutered before full maturity, it looks like the neuter coat I've seen in pictures of setters and spaniels which have a similar coat to Tucker). It's wooly, it mats, holds water, gets snowballs stuck to it, if he rolls on the ground it fulls with dirt, sticks, and leaves. I hate it with a passion.

Fuzzies ahhhhhh

So today I decided to rip them out. I have tried before, but he always gets annoyed with me pretty fast and moves away or rolls over, and I don't push the issue, the last thing I want is to give him issues with being touched. But today he just slept through it so I got one whole back leg and the majority of a front leg.

For comparison, here is his left side which has the front leg I did most of, and the still fuzzy back leg:

And his nicely plucked right back leg and still fuzzy front right leg

I am very happy with how it's coming along, hopefully I'll get the rest done in the next couple of days and then just touch up everything. Honestly his whole body could use some plucking, there are fuzzies everywhere, but I'd be happy just getting the legs all done.
I just wish it wouldn't grow back. So this isn't the same sort of hand stripping done with terriers right? Because whenever I read about hand stripping they say you're removing harsh hair and leaving soft hair, but I'm removing soft hair. But is it a similar process? Border terriers are very attractive to me, but only when well groomed and I've always wondered how much work was involved in grooming them.

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