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Old 01-10-2013, 09:59 AM
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I'm so sorry.

Tough situation...

I had something a tiny bit similar, but nowhere near the level you were dealing with. I was a dogwalker for a long time, but not for a business, just by myself through word of mouth, etc. I walked a Rottie from the time he was a pup (8 weeks) and was VERY attached to him. I loved that dog very much and he loved me. The owners were very much into dominant stuff. They meant well, but I cringed sometimes at seeing how they treated him. (they were sometimes working from home when I'd come by to walk him). The husband grabbed his scruff really hard, and literally sat on him one day to get him to settle (he'd get sooo excited to see me!) I never had an issue when it was just me and they weren't home.

He began showing some signs of aggression. One time I dropped my poop bag holder, bent down to pick it up, and he quickly went to grab it and tried to bite my hand. He began showing a lot of this... signs of resource guarding even really stupid silly things. At first, it was just food. And then one time, I was trying to take his prong off, and he curled his lips up at me and gave me a warning. I told owners what happened, and they kept saying they were working on it (which they were, but in the wrong way, IMO). And then one day on our walk, a little girl was riding her bike by (somewhat downhill) and we moved as far away as we could but he lunged towards her wheels (it wasn't HER, it was the bike) but still... God forbid he had actually reached HER. That was when I knew I just couldn't do it anymore. It was way too much of a liability for someone like me ... not even working for a company, etc.

I knew that for the most part, I was very capable of handling him. 90% of the time, he was a great dog. But there was that 10% where I honestly did not trust him. I was never scared of him... I learned what triggered him, and what NOT to do. And he truly loved me sooo much. We had a great bond that I am not even sure he had with his owners. I enjoyed doing clicker training with him, he was so smart. He would give me bear hugs that I just loved.

And I still feel very bad that I don't see him anymore. I'm sure he doesn't get the exercise he needs, and I have a feeling the aggression/resource guarding is worse. I'm so scared they're going to call me one day to tell me they put him down or something... because honestly, I can't see the husband putting up with it if he bites him. Which I think he had done once before. But I do miss him. But I try to tell myself it wasn't my problem to begin with... and there's no way I could have 'fixed' such a serious issue only seeing him for an hour a day.
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