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Old 01-07-2013, 09:24 AM
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Default Landlord's annoying dog

Ugh. Don't get me wrong, I don't blame the dog but holy moly my landlord's 2 yr old lab is obnoxious. He isn't really trained at all, doesn't get to socialize much if ever and they let him just run loose on the property whenever they let him out.
He harrassed the neighbors (one of which is afraid of dogs) because he went to their house and wouldn't let them get out of their car to go inside because he was barking at them excitedly wanting to play. He is a HUGE lab and he doesn't understand personal space and will clobber you because he is in constant play mode. They started tying him up on a long leash when he went outside after that incident, but that lasted all of maybe two or three weeks because I guess they didn't care enough to keep up with it. I've almost hit him with my car too because he runs out in front of it sometimes at night when I come home and won't get out from in front of my car so I have to stop and wait for him to move so I can even pull into the driveway. Their last dog was hit by a car for doing the same thing.

The part that really really frustrates me is that whenever I take my dogs out I have to try to plan it for when he is inside. My dogs get along with him though Bamm tends to get irritated with him sometimes because he is NOT a fan of obnoxious dogs rushing up on him. I've been taking my dogs out one at a time lately because they always tend to let him out as soon as I leash my dogs and go outside. He used to rush up into my whole group when I walked all three and made it hard for me to control my own dogs enough to keep moving since I'm out there walking them and not a big fan of my dogs playing with other dogs when they are on leash and it's "potty time". He also does this when I'm trying to load my dogs into the car.

I've started taking my dogs one at a time for walks. In the morning we have to do short walks so they can do their business and so I can get back inside to get ready for work in time. I swear every day when I take one of the dogs out they will let him out and he comes rushing up and pouncing ALL over my dogs when they are trying to go potty. It pisses me off because no matter how many times I try to yell at him to stop or grab his collar to get him off my dogs he just doesn't get it and won't stop. He just wants to play, but it really irritates me and makes me dread walking my own dogs.

I could talk to the landlord about it since it is irritating, but on the other hand it's their property if they want to let him run offleash (not a typical neighborhood where all the neighbors are close by). Also, they last minute let us move in when our other place fell through since the lady went crazy on Josh. You guys may remember that situation. So, they are doing us a favor by letting us stay here until we find a place to rent so while I know I need to bring it up to them, I'm not sure the best way to approach it with them. Bamm and Cricket are already starting to get irritated with it now especially when they are trying to go potty and he rushes up full speed and pounces onto them. Joey doesn't care because he would be just as obnoxious if I let him, but I don't.

I do not want to burn bridges with these people and honestly they are really nice people despite the fact that I am not a fan of how they are with their animals. But... This is getting real old.
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