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Old 01-06-2013, 03:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Linds View Post
The dogs are desperate to get out, this weekend was supposed to be lots of doing stuff with them. That stuff NOT being sitting on the couch cuddling. Poor dogs.

And Didgie is SUCH a draper, it's so funny!

I know! I work at a pharmacy and the amount of people that have been sick is staggering. I rarely get sick so I wasn't really worried. Than last night at work all of a sudden my throat was catching and within about 20 minutes I felt terrible, congested head, sore throat, coughing and achy.

Hope you manage to avoid it!

She really does, it's adorable
That sounds like the stuff I had :/ luckily I (knocks on wood) as over it pretty quick ... Tho I think I got sick standing out in the cold night air working the race nights, I think that I am getting too old for standing out in the cold/damp night air, a lot of horses have been sick too... Same crud as the people ... Must be a universal bug.

How I got over it as double in up on lysine/ vita C which is an awesome immune booster. It said you should take 1 lysine pill a day & 2 C's but since I was sick I doubled up.
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