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Old 02-21-2005, 02:21 AM
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Exclamation "Official 2005 Possum Holler Mutt Club e-Dog Show" thread:

It's that time of year again, folks! NASCAR has officially begun, and huntin' season is over in most places. It's time to put away the camo pants, doe-in-heat "mystery liquid", and don our #3 hats and continue to gripe about that fa**ot Jeff Gordon .

It's also time for the Official 2005 Possum Holler Dawg Show, pancake dinner and swap meet. The pancake dinner and swap meet will take place over on e-Bay and, but I have been elected (by unanimous decision) by the executive board of detractors to host the Mutt Show right here at Chazhound.

The rules are simple. Mutts only! None of them fancy schmancy poofy shrubbery lookin' poodle dogs and none of them weirdo dogs from Netherlandia or Germaniovlakia with crazy names like Ch. Otto Der Buttsniffer via Crushed Velvet Princess of Hungry.

AKC, UKC, Eastmister KC dogs will be immediately eliminated and made fun of. Them dogs are for fancy city folk who are into all kinda crazy refined things like Indy cars, book learnin' and forks and stuff.

Since the boys at the PHUMAS (Possum Holler Unregistered Mutt Appreciation Society) made me chair-man down at the bar last night, I'll start the entries with my dawg who you all know and prolly like better'n I do.

Name: Josie the Wonderdog
Breed: Yeah, right. (some kinda Shiba, ACD, Rottie, BC mix) Australianbordershibweiler)
Age: 'bout 1 or 2.
Sex: Won't do no good...done had her spate.
Favorite food: Innova kibble and cat turds.
Aspirations: To have a romp behind the barn with that big city Triumph comic dog.

A'ight gang. Feel free to submit a couple pics and a bio of your mutt. Judging will commence whenever we feel like down at the PHUMAS World Headquarters at the Do-Drop Inn whenever Skeeter gets his phone hooked up again. Dang Phone company.
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