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Old 01-04-2013, 10:19 AM
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Default Zip Tie

Got new pictures of the boy today! We also got descriptions of the puppies' temperaments between last week and this week. My friend who is importing with us is still waiting to hear which puppy will be the best fit for her between the four girls and it's so nerve wrecking!

I also wanted to clear something up, maybe explain myself a bit. It may look as though we picked Zip when he was born and yes, in a way we did. When I first contacted his breeder about this breeding, I made it very clear what I was looking for in a puppy. If we hope to make any sort of breeding program work in the United States, it's clear that we need more solids to breed merles to. That is of course if we wanted to stay clear of merle x merle breedings. So yes, the importation of this puppy was contingent on his color. However, I had also explained at the very beginning that because our lines are going to be coming from this puppy, that his temperament was actually the first priority. I absolutely do not want to bring in a dog that is lacking confidence or drive. Linds and I took a lot of time talking to various people who have had experience with the dam herself and her lines as we already knew about the sire' lines.

That whole backstory has led up to this. Zip Tie's temperament is awesome. He is the definition of a velcro puppy, following the breeder around everywhere, she's constantly tripping on him. He is the ringleader when the puppies get into shenanigans and is the first one to check out scary situations. He also has great toy drive already. I am beyond thrilled hearing this. However, this doesn't mean he will ever be bred. If he gets here and his temperament is less than stellar or his health testing is less than impressive, he will not be bred.

This is a tricky thing and that's why I wanted to take the time to explain it. Ideally, we would've picked Didgie and Zinga with a solid requirement in mind, however we worked with the best we could in that situation and ended up with two awesome dogs. I was always told by breeders that I've respected that if you want to start a line of dogs, find the best bitch you can and go from there. I'm confident to say that Zinga and Didgie both fit that requirement in my mind.

Anyways, onto puppy pictures!! (all taken by the breeder of course)
I love his smile.

ziptie by ZooomDog Photography, on Flickr

Crouchy puppy

Ziptie1 by ZooomDog Photography, on Flickr

puppies1 by ZooomDog Photography, on Flickr

puppies by ZooomDog Photography, on Flickr

Here are some shots of the girls in the litter:
Disgruntled puppy

p41 by ZooomDog Photography, on Flickr

My hope is that my friend gets this one, not only because she's gorgeous but because she has an awesome temperament as well.

p6 by ZooomDog Photography, on Flickr

p5 by ZooomDog Photography, on Flickr

p4 by ZooomDog Photography, on Flickr

p3 by ZooomDog Photography, on Flickr

Bazinga, Zip Tie, Zuma, Taboo
Envy, Edgar, Mighty Mouse, Famous
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