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Old 01-03-2013, 08:24 AM
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Originally Posted by stardogs View Post
What Shai said.

I was watching the thread from the get go, and tbh, was hoping Avalon would bring another dimension to the C/Koolie population on the board. She's very correct that we are only seeing Koolies from one breeder and thus may not be getting the full picture of the breed as a whole and with the heavy Koolie-want on Chaz recently, different perspectives are always a good thing.

When she started acting evasive and defensive, I initially brushed it off as part of the C/Koolie faction issues, but when it continued despite additional information provided on the costs of OFA'ing xrays already taken and escalated to her deriding Linds and Sara on something as ridiculous as age, she lost me and really has made me wonder if she's truly hiding some things.
Pretty much this. I also don't have a horse in this race, and while I considered C/Koolies before, I can also now say I definitely won't be going to Avalon if/when the time comes. Just the way it is. Show your ass on a forum, can't debate properly, ect and that's it for you. I don't care about the most stellar breeding practices in the world (let alone substandard), if you're not a nice person, it's not happening.

Every single breeder on Chaz has been questioned intensively. Those that passed muster are left alone. Even some who don't do certain things but have a reason (a REAL VALID one) are left alone for the most part. It's how things work here.

Having a hissy fit over certifications is ridiculous, especially considering you *say* you x-ray. I think that's probably a big fat lie myself because who goes to the trouble to pay for x-rays and then doesn't pay the 40 dollars to submit them? Or are you saying your vet is magical and can "see" the hips without taking an xray? Because that's even dumber.

This whole thread from Avalons side has been ridiculous and a slander/name calling fest.

And as far as what this other breeder in Aus is doing, she's obviously setting up a strawman. Richie (apparently) is coming under fire for the same things she is, only he's not even here to defend himself. Culling of puppies and dogs on chains is pretty standard practice if you're an actual working rancher, and it sounds like he is, plus he's 70. Avalon is 33 by her own admission. I know I wouldn't be asking my 70 year old grandmother to change ANYTHING she did, because obviously that's what's working for her (and she'd probably tell me whatever I was doing was stupid anyway)

The whole thing is ridiculous.
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