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Old 01-02-2013, 01:18 PM
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Originally Posted by avaloncoolies View Post
And please for the record, Avalon has NEVER produced a dog with any hip issues, Akilis breeder has!! And Akili has been retired from breeding since 2011 having never produced any issues other then 2 cases of skin allergies (prompted early retirement) Never heard of a coolie in Aus. either having or having produced any HD problems, and none are certified....Akilis breeder as of right now is the only known to me case of HD in coolies...and thank you for asking if these questions are being asked to Travs breeder by his puppy buyers or if it is just me because i walked "in to the wrong bar"....i hope Vandog thought the teasing was funny, cause i know i didnt....was more condescending and childish from my point of view, but again i am the one under fire here so definatly hard to switch the comic on
Look at the source, Shawn. Those "teasing" comments flew off my radar. I honestly didn't even notice until you pointed it out now. Not sure what else there is to contribute to the conversation here.

We've established that
a.) Shawn does not plan on health testing and does not health test now
b.) Shawn's dogs are from a variety of bloodlines, one of which has produced HD (that dog is no longer breeding)
c.) she is against double merle breeding
d.) she filters homes, which to some on here amounts to "trouble selling"
e.) she doesn't believe her dogs bark much, or at least to the amount portrayed here on this forum re: the two/three K/Coolies here
(this lead to an accusation that she is lying or misleading about barking)

At this point in time, ALL K/Coolies come from untested stock so I can't say that I see what this griping about lack of her health testing has to do with anything. I think she's made it clear she doesn't intend on health testing (although I really hope for the sake of the breed in North America, that changes soon).

Not really sure that this is a conductive place to be, Shawn. I left a while back for this same reason.

As a side note, it was more than possible for me to find my next breeder in Australia - it took much more research than I had anticipated but it can be done! No health testing, yet, but they don't condone killing puppies. So maybe that puppy will be added to the OFA pool and there ya go, three puppies with hip scores in the US.
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