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Old 12-31-2012, 02:37 PM
avaloncoolies avaloncoolies is offline
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Our Coolies are NOT LOUD!!! They can turn the drive on when appropriete but no annoying constent, unjustified barking, and no innapropriete "working"...herding breeds if left without a outlet for their herding instincts can unfortunatly turn into "dog workers"...where one dog becomes the sheep and another one will stand behind barking frantically at the first to move!!...I think it comes to breeding choices and lines NOT BREED!! You can find loud shelties but you can also find not so loud shelties....same with Coolies....IMO that would simply come from different breeding choices and line crossings...I think some people think a barky dog is a drivy dog, I does not imply the other...our coolies are very drivy, but not loud!! As for Health testing, I have my breeding dogs xray'd and health approved by my vet but I do not send in to certify with any of the American assoc. Some people mind and some people dont...our lines can go back in time with no problems of displasia, or sight and hearing issues...all lived well into their teens all while working aus.ranches...for me and all of those that have chosen a avalon coolie that is enough and for others it is not...there is more to breeding then health testing ... anyone can pick 2 dogs, keep them intact, health cert them and put them together for pups....but can they pick the right combination of dogs, keep them intact and balanced, stimulate their minds and bodies to be the best they can be for the breed, put them together at the right age and for the right reasons (not because "there is a market for the breed"), raise the pups from 0 to 9 weeks with the best techniques to promote bidability, brains & braun and drive of course....?? I think health testing is important, hence why my vet is involved with every desicion i make when choosing a breeding pair, but I do not beleive I would "get more" out of sending those xrays down to the states somewhere for i said earlier this is my opinion only...I will see if i can post some pics of my dogs where you can see more structure....
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