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Old 12-31-2012, 04:44 AM
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Akitas are....complicated. Very, very complicated. Mostly due to politics and all the usual reasons dog breeds are complicated.

The Japanese bred the Akita for bear hunting and war. So yes, they were bred to be very intense dogs with some amount of prey drive/aggression. In the World Wars, the Americans and Europeans jumped on the bandwagon and started breeding in other dogs...mastiff types mostly, which is why the American and Japanese Akitas differ so much physically and mentally. When the Japanese began restoring their culture, they halted the mix breeding. The American Breed Club rejected their decision to restore original bloodlines and refused to register any bloodlines imported from Japan. Their studbooks were very scattered for a long time with different breeds...not all bloodlines can be traced back before WWII.

Thus, while the Japanese Akita is far more pure, they have also become quite idolized in the culture. They are expensive, and their temperament hasn't changed much. They are still very powerful, driven dogs that require intense training and devotion. I believe in modern times, they are used for dog wrestling.

The American Akita is all over the aren't any more likely to find two alike Akitas than you are GSDs. Due to the scattered breeding and fierce politics, it's a hard breed to get footing with. It requires a lot of research into breeders, lines, and really knowing your priorities and the dog you want. More mastiff lines are likely to be aloof, but depending on the influence they can be VERY DA and even HA. All of the Akitas I've met have been American...and they are all like scrambled eggs. Not stable. I DO know they exist...but, again. It's like trying to find the exact type of GSD you want. Or BC. It's a needle in a haystack.

But GOOD Akitas are good dogs. Still stubborn and aloof, but no more dangerous than any other intense breed.
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