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Old 12-28-2012, 05:42 PM
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Default Penny is in trouble.

Always something new in our household...

So for quite awhile, ever since her emergency spay surgery, my 11 year old dachshund, Penny, has been using the bathroom on the floor every few days or so. She's never been the type of dog to do that. The vet said it was likely incontinence, and nothing to worry about. Just a little background there...

The past week, Penny hasn't been eating all of her food and has been doing all of her pees and poops inside the house. She has also been drinking A LOT of water. I attributed it to stress, because she is usually pretty sensitive to that, and gave it time to improve. Well, on Wednesday, she refused dog food entirely and began to throw up. I made her some chicken and rice and she ate some, but not a lot. The same results on Thursday... I called my vet, and they said to continue doing what I'm doing and wait it out through the weekend. I agreed, because she didn't seem lethargic or anything, same old Penny, just thin due to weight loss.

Today she is significantly worse. She won't hardly even move... I took her out to potty by carrying her, and when I put her down, she just laid down. She is using the bathroom right off the pillow she is laying on. She only gets up to drink a bunch of water. She won't sleep, just kind of lays there with her eyes open. Her fur is nasty looking, and the only thing I have been able to get her to eat today is a tiny couple noodles from my spaghettios that she looked like she wanted, so I gave her some. Other than that, she won't even sniff the yummy people foods I am offering her.

Called my regular vet and they won't see me since I owe them money already... And all the local vets want money up front that I don't have, including the emergency vet. My boyfriends Dad's vet is usually pretty he gave them a call and they can see her...but not until Wednesday. So, they suggested that we rub Karo syrup on her gums to give her a little boost that may encourage her to eat, and to try giving her pedialite. I just gave her the syrup and am about to go to Walmart for the pedialite.

Any suggestions on what this could be and what I can do? I do not want "you should have taken her in on ____ day". Trust me, I know, and am kicking myself for it already. I have NO money. My parents won't help. Our only option is the vet on what to do until then?
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