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Old 12-26-2012, 07:12 PM
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Cj (the first one) was a toy poodle. my family got a few years before i was born. No idea what her age was when she died, she was a rescue they got and were not sure on her age, she was a adult, atleast 5 when my family got her. She lived threw 4 years of me and passed away in 1989. She was a wonderful family dog. and my shadow for 4 years, she adored me, and I her. I still remember being on the stairs playing with her.

Then came Lassie (bought her and she was named angelica, I hated it and kept calling her Lassie so it stuck. I was 4 lol) She was born in 1989. and lived until a tumr took her in 2002. She was my BFF growing up (heck all my dogs were). Bt she adored me, and really didnt have much use for my 2 brothers. She actuall gave them some good bites growing up. But would never lay a tooth on me lol. I was the only one that she le brush her as well. she was a good dog (for me). I really miss the old girl. I have her dog tags on my key chain still. I was the one who took her to the vet and had her PTS. She taught me the biggest lesson in life, true heart break.

Then came CJ (the second) in 1990. She too was a toy poodle. I named after my first friend. This dog was the sweetest dog that ever lived. she met NO stranger. was 100% blind by age 6. yet still loved on every one that gave her half a chance. She was truly a wonderful dog. Was PTS in 2003

Then in 1992 came Sweetie, CJs accident litter, that resulted in 2 puppies, only one live one. So we kept Sweetie (I dont know why my family kept letting me name the pets lol) He was a grand old soul. hated most things in life, prefered to sit on the couch with my grandpa. He was the opposite of his mum, and really didnt care for people or other dogs. had about 4 or 5 bite records in his time. But he would never lay a hand on his "kids" (my brothers and I) He was PTS in 2004

A picture of all 3. Sweetie was the black one, CJ the aprocote and Lassie the collie on the floor.
All seniors in this photo. probably a year before Lassie went

Lassie, my brother and I in 1990

Blaze sweetie and midnight the rabbit (she passed away in 05ish) picture was taken in 03

CJ the 2nd and I in 1989. in a department store, who knows why I was allowed to bring her with us lol or why we posed for a picture

lassie and I 1989

oh memory lane bitter sweet it is...
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