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Old 12-24-2012, 01:59 AM
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Default Journey: Puppy to Adult

In my last photo thread I said I would make just one continuous one once puppy had a name, and now that she does, here it is! I just figured with all the hundreds of pictures I take it's easier to keep track of everything in one thread, and that way I'm not flooding the board with new picture threads every few days haha. I also thought it would be fun for me too to look back on in the future. It's nice to have everything in one place. :-)

Journey is such a perfect puppy for me. Honestly I couldn't have chosen a better puppy for myself if I'd tried. I am so beyond happy with her. She's sassy and bossy, full of energy, super intelligent and a huge thinker/problem solver, attached in the best shadowy kind of way, and also settles really well. She is very respectful of my adult dogs and does not push their buttons too much. She takes a hint well when they've had enough. She's really, really come out of her shell in the last couple of days and is showing me her true colours. She's decided not to be so reserved and quiet and instead has found her voice and uses it to complain to management about everything LOL. She's full of spunk and is a huge brat. She tried to tug the Christmas tree down the other morning and her favourite game is flipping the water dish over for no reason other than it's fun. Sometimes she plays shy with certain people, but if I hold her to meet those she's shy with, she's more than happy to wiggle at them and let them pet her. With most people she's super happy to go up and greet, though. She saves her true enthusiasm for myself, my mom and brother, and the other three dogs, but she is happy enough to appease others who want to say hello to her.

She's so good with other dogs. For a while she was acting kind of indifferent toward them, but now she's not at all. She just wants to play. And she knows which puppies in school she can play rougher with and which ones just need her for some moral support haha. She can go from crazy to calm and gentle in a second depending on the dog.

She's a great store dog. She's wild and crazy at home, but just the most relaxed little store companion at work. She hangs out with me behind the counter and sleeps most of the day. I play with her a little throughout and do a couple quick training sessions, but mostly she just sleeps or chews her Bully Stick. I keep her behind a gate to protect her from visiting dogs, though. I don't want her meeting most of them because I don't trust them or their owners and want to make sure she has good experiences. I have let her meet a few nice ones though that I know well and she does great with that.

All in all, she's about as perfect as a puppy could come for me. Now if only she'd stop flooding the kitchen with the water dish....

Oh, and for anyone ever considering a tri Aussie: be warned that you'll get asked 50 times a day if it's a Bernese Mountain Dog or a St. Bernard, and you'll also have people insist that she's going to grow up to be just massive LOL. "Just look at those feet! She's going to be huge!" they say. And then when I tell them she's an Australian Shepherd I get something along the lines of "Oh my, Shepherds are very big dogs. I hope you've done your research!". It's a little nuts.

Anyway, she's 12 weeks old now and I'm not really sure how big she is, but I'll weigh her and try to measure her soon. I do know that she's grown a ton in the last week. It's easy to see especially when she's in her crate.

I still haven't taken my camera on any outings, but she's been to many places. The store, my Doberman breeder's, our friend's with Pomeranians, another friend's tonight with a big family and cats, Petsmart (in my arms), two puppy classes, etc. She's easy to take places so far and loves checking everything out. No fear at all. Just walks into everywhere like she's been there a million times before.

These are all just some pictures from last night (mostly) and the day/night before. :-)

Having a good ear moment at the store on Friday (didn't last):

Tired after playing with her new Great Dane friend at my Dobe breeder's...

Visiting her boring Pom friends (they don't understand other dogs)...

She's lucky Dance is so patient with new puppies that come home lol. It's like a Dance and Ripley Rodeo sometimes around here - she's always sitting and climbing on them.

It was Keira's 5th birthday Friday night (the 21st). This was taken that night. She wants to know when the postman is coming to return the puppy to sender.

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