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Old 12-19-2012, 05:55 PM
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Default 5 weeks of amazing improvement!

The past five weeks Serenity and I have been going to Obedience school. She graduated last night and I can't put in words how bloody proud of her I am.

When we first went to obedience, I walked away thinking I made the worst decision. Serenity reacted so badly to dogs and people doing certain movements. I spent most of my time a good distance from everyone. As time went on she reacted less, she slowly became more confident. Last week was a the first great sign. She did react but at times but only to dogs and it was much easier to get her attention. Last nigh was the deal breaker for me. She did beyond AMAZING. The trainer did several things by herself/with her dog that would have normally set Serenity off, Serenity sat a few feet from them and behaved, glanced at them and watched me.

She could allow a certain distance from her last night were before she'd loose it if they were a few feet from her. Last night a owner let her Lab get a bit close, Serenity bared her teeth at the Lab BUT she came to me when I quickly called her. Sadly the same thing happened last week and she reacted a lot worse so the fact that last night she instantly came to my attention was amazing.

Last week and the week before she'd react to the dogs we had to walk pass in the training grounds. Not once did she react, she walked nicely with me and behaved.

The only time she did bark at another dog was when we were leaving but it was so easy to make her stop. Normally it's been a challenge.

My biggest moment was when she approached a trainer and started sniffing her. This was a trainer Serenity had been wary around.

The fact is seeing how badly she reacted to everything and seeing how calm she was tonight was amazing. It's awesome to see how much she improved. Plus, I didn't get to work with her to much since I've been so busy. I can't wait to see how much more she improves when I work with her everyday. I'm blown away. I adore this dog, she's the greatest in my eyes. I just can't believe how fast she got comfortable and how she didn't react to all those small things.

I couldn't be prouder. Seeing such a big change. The trainer is so impressed

Last week and the weeks before that, she couldn't even be at this distance without reacting. She behaved so well. She even was curious about the dog/person.

We'll be doing the same course again next year with new dogs to see how she goes and after that, we'll move up to a higher class.
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Old 12-19-2012, 06:27 PM
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Excellent, congrats!!!
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