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Old 12-16-2012, 06:30 PM
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Default Dogs in the Future

We were talking about which dogs we would like in the future. I will always want to have a larger pack at a time, I just love it, love seeing so many dogs wiggling around happy. Anyways, our list is quite long and I was hoping if anyone has any first hand experieince with any of the breeds if you can teach me about them. I have been doing my own research too, but getting info from experienced owners is very important for me too.

So far we have:

-Staffordshire Bull Terrier (hopefully the ban will be lifted or we might have to get one sooner than planned as the one's grandfathered are getting older and older and hopefully we would be able to find one in rescue, a female.)
-Bull Terrier (his choice)
-Staffordshire Bull Terrier
-St. Bernard
-Pyrenean Mastiff
-Central Asian Shepherd
-Neapolitan Mastiff
-Irish Wolfhound
-maybe a Greyhound or Ibizan Hound if possible

I hope I didn't miss any.

We were also discussing which breeds would be best together as there is no way we would be able to have all these dogs at the same time. If there are any suggestions on which would be best together or not, that would be appreciated too. I'm trying to figure out which combination would be best for the dogs and for us.

Some of the breeds (like the Central Asian Shepherd and Pyrenean Mastiff) we will be getting from reputable breeders, the rest will be rescues.

Some background, we will always be living out in the country. There is absolutely no way we will EVER live in the city. My long term goals are to get into college, I applied for the upcoming May intake. Once I finish and get myself established I will be looking for positions up north or we are also considering moving to New Brunswick (no bsl) and buy a huge piece of property. We want to get horses and maybe some goats too and I NEED a cow.
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