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Old 12-12-2012, 02:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Sparrow View Post
I like te Kleinpudels. It's not really a size in the US, but they are basically small Standards/large Minis. I've heard good things about this breeder's dogs:

I like the slightly smaller size, but not too much smaller. I like the Standards' look. A lot of the health problems are because of all the crazy inrbeeding that took place. You have to make sure to find a breeder with low COIs (for more than just a few generations back,) and plenty of health history. Spoos are very inbred - especially certain colors - unless you go looking for the right one.
Do you think the Kleinpudels are healthier as a whole? What and from whom did you hear about this breeder? It looks like they're in Calif. Can you explain what low COIs are? I think I read a little something somewhere (can't find it again) on her website. Even if they're not a "size" in the US, they still would fit into mini or standard. If their range is 14" - 18" then if the dog is 14, it would still be at the top of the mini standard. If it were 15 to 18" then it would still fit into the Standard's standard. lol. But the short end of it, I guess.

Have you ever met any in person? I'm not sure...I do like the mini's size just fine. The Kleinpudels are supposedly a little more laid back than the miniatures. What do you know about this?
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