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Old 12-10-2012, 09:34 AM
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Default Breed Guess

I've asked this a long time ago and figured there are lots of new people here so thought i'd ask again.

Here's a description:

This the my dog Timber. I don't know what he is, he was dumped out of a car up north at about 4 months old. He's about 2.5 years now, 105 lbs at 27" tall at the withers.

Timber is very agile and loves to run and swim. He has very good stamina. He's really good with other dogs and has helped me a lot with some fosters. He seems to be able to bring them out of their shell and makes them feel comfortable. He's maternal with the others and loves to lay down across my lap and gives lots of kisses. He is very handler sensitive, handler biddable but has a stubborn streak when he feels like it.

He's too smart for my own good and many times I have to come up with alternate ways of doing things, lol. He's a very sweet dog and loves meeting new people. He has a very stable temperament and he's never shown aggression towards people or dogs but when push comes to shove, don't mess with him.

He's shown very observant behaviours. When we go to the beach and the waves are big and i'm swimming out he's watching very intently making sure he knows exactly where I am. He'll swim out and makes sure i'm okay then he swims back to the beach and watches. He continues to do this until I come back to shore, only then he's relaxed and plays around. Also, at night when there is lots of coyote activity he is fearless and check things out and makes sure i'm okay. He doesn't like to wander off too far from me when outside, he does run around but always stays relatively close. He is very trusting of me and I trust him too. He doesn't bark very much, can't remeber the last time I heard him bark.

He has a thick undercoat and blows coat twice a year. His coat is very soft and medium length. He carries his tail curled losely over his back for the most part and at times has it realxed too, mostly when standing. He has more of a rectagular body shape and has always had a ponch belly, lol.

So...what do you see in him?

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