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Old 12-10-2012, 12:49 AM
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Default Need general vibes and positive thoughts right now.

Nothing huge or bad is happening right now, so don't stress.

Right now my life is... I hope to say it's in the state of extreme change. My home life has been shambles for awhile now. I'm trying to repair where I can but there's no motivation from the other side to do so, so I really don't know how long it can go on. Sometimes I think the only reason things haven't changed drastically yet is fear.

I wish I could say more and not be so vague about everything. I've been somewhat quiet on the forum lately. I don't like sharing intimate personal details of my life much, except amongst close friends. If anyone wants to know more they can PM.

Anyways, negativity out of the way. The above is compelling me to create something bigger for myself. My day job is going fantastically, and in turn some incredible opportunities have arisen for AlliePets. The big one is that a good friend who is already a savvy entrepreneur herself has offered to help me take my business to the next level. All of the things I want to do with it are hopefully going to be recognized in the coming few months.

This includes:
  • Personal licenses vs. Commercial licenses vs. Nonprofit licenses for illustrative work.
  • Giving back to rescue with EVERY portrait.
  • Organizing my services into a format that's easily readable on the website, easier to manage for me, and possibly introduce some offerings I haven't before.
  • Prints, t-shirts, products.
  • Cross-promotion with local businesses and rescues, really starting to integrate myself with the community in Ottawa.
  • Getting a bookkeeper. FINALLY. LOL.

There's more, likely. Hopefully. Anyways, as a lot of you know, AlliePets is on the way to being successful but I've really just been floating for the three years I've been active. I'm eager to take this off the ground and really start rocking it. It means I an truly throw myself into my business more and have it come back to me, plus I can have a LOT more financial freedom which would alleviate 90% of my stress in terms of my current personal problems.

So uh, yeah. I say it often but Chazzers are the reason my little art business is as popular as it is now. It's you guys who most often frequent my Livestreams, regularly return for new portraits and art, and pimp my services to others. I'd be nowhere without you and I ain't forgetting you when my business hopefully REALLY takes off in the new year. I'll probably need to rely on you guys again for some promotion love, because you guys are just so darn good at it!

Okay I've written a novel. Now I'll accept any vibes, prayers, positive thoughts and whatever else you can muster that my business goes where I want it to, and that my personal life gets sorted however which way it might get sorted?

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