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Old 12-09-2012, 12:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Sparrow View Post
Same here! There are actually a few breeds I am still looking at, but I will have a Spoo (or a Klein) some day. I thought I'd never have anything but Pits/mixes of them, and I never cared for Poodles. The big ones kinda freaked me out.

I still don't care for the look of the shaved snouts for the most part, but I'm crazy about their appearance in certain clips (or when left natural.) My brother didn't believe me when I showed him a pic of a Poodle without its face done. He swore it was a Labradoodle. When I first realized they'd be a good match for me, I started a folder on my computer called "Poodles are cute and good," so I would have ammo to back me up when I got brave enough to tell my anti-poodle family about my plans. My dad was actually accepting of it, to my astonishment. I guess he has faith in me, given how in love he is with my Zoe.

My brother is less convinced. He's getting a house and a wife, and loves Labs and Goldens, and asked me what breeds there are that he might like that don't shed as much. I don't think he'll ever be won over on Poodles, but I tried explaining to him that they are every bit the hunting dogs that his favorites are.

I had a dream last night about a litter of Poodle puppies after reading this thread.
It's interesting how our likes and dislikes evolve over time. Years ago, a Poodle would have been the last dog on my dog breed wants. LOL. In fact, so would Chihuahuas have been. It was always GSDs, Labs, Dobermans, Lab mixes. Now I'm just enthralled. I love my Chihuahuas...might simply wind up with another one of those. But Poodles are also intriguing to me and I have had fun trying out different breeds over the years.

So, it should be interesting how it goes for you. You can show your family pictures of Poodles retrieving ducks...being the hunting dogs they are. That ought to appeal to their macho thing. LOL. I just like how versatile they are. They're so athletic and swift, springy and agile. And smarter than a whip. So, that's a lot of what appeals to me. Plus they don't tend toward dog aggression....something I really don't want to deal with again. It's a p.i.t.a.
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