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Old 12-09-2012, 01:18 AM
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Default cold weather advise?

I'm moving across the state in January. I just went down there a day ago to sign my lease and get some things figured out and well......COLD! Holy crap was it cold! There is a HUGE different between eastern and western Wa! >_<

I really shouldn't of been suprised, I knew it snowed quite a bit in the winter there, but I wasn't ready for exactly how cold it would feel with all of that wind! It was barely below freezing (I think during the day the lowest it was was right around 30-29F), and it was snowing but not accumulating for the most part. I've been in snow and cold before, but the winds are so bad there that it feels 10xcolder than it actually was! Even the snow was hitting my face like ice shards. >_<

Now, by January there will most likely be snow accumulated and it will be colder. When we went we took Talon, but Art stayed here. Talon did good, he didn't seem bothered by the cold so far, but Art has a much thinner coat, little body fat, and is easily bothered by cooler or hotter temperatures. I'd say anything below 45F he get's cold. And the one winter we had snow he refused to go poo outside unless he had absolutely 100% no choice and couldn't hold it. And even then he tried pooing in the tub/bathroom >_<

So I'm very concerned about Art and the cold. It's a small apartment so our main source of excercise will be outside as well.

Any suggestions?

Obviously we will be getting a coat (fav brands?) and we thought about booties, but last time we tried we couldn't get them to stay on! He has such skinny little legs and paws.

I'm even considering trying to fatten Art up with lots of treats (he won't eat more kibble than he needs), just for the extra warmth LOL

Anything else I should think about getting or doing?

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