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Old 12-05-2012, 06:27 PM
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Smile My good news

I live in an apt, a quad, that faces the woods. I love the woods almost beyond reason and always have. THe hardest part of being here is knowing that behind my home has been treated like a trash dump for obviously a very long time. Hyia and I started picking up trash, each time I took the dog out, 3 dogs times 4 times a day minimum over 3 years, has cleaned up behind me, down the hill, the field beside, which is an ongoing issue due to neighbors, but even so, it's small progress compared to how big the issue is further down the road. THe biggest problem was tires. Tires that until today I Could not find anyone to pick up. So many that imo it presents health issues to wildlife and humans combined. I know West Nile and Heart worms are carried by mosquitoes, and the Asian Tiger is a large mosquito that appeared here about a decade ago, and tho I don't have validation to this, I hold that mosquito to be the prime culprit in the spread of both diseases. So knowing that a hundred tires and more are out there just has stuck in me like a thorn.
I called the police dept of the county and didn't get any suggestions of whom to call. I looked on line and all I could find is if I wanted to I could load them up and pay a dollar a piece, and 5 dollars each for the ones with rims, which about a 3rd are, and haul them a half hour one way to dispose of. Both out of my economic and my physical ability.I spoke with the apt complex and they refused to pick them up because "they would have to pay to dispose of them". Even tho it is their tenants that have done this. All attempts to find anyone to take responsibility has come to a dead end.

Hyia has been very helpful with picking up trash, and helping roll what tires we can, a few more feet each time we go down there closer up the hill, but the issue came with what will we do with them when we do get them out of the woods.

So I went to the courthouse and asked a clerk if she knew anyone I could speak to. Told her I hadn't been able to find out much on line, and is there anyone out there that cares besides me, that these woods are being treated like a dump. SHe said with the sweetest smile that She cared and to hold on a minute she would speak with the Mayor. HE came out, and I now have a number to call, and told me that even tho the building I live in is only covered by the county, that hill and the bottom of it is a part of this small town. SO WAHOOOO I am just thrilled that someone actually listened. THat someone besides Hyia and I care about this, and that I now have a number to contact to maybe organize a clean up that will not be at my expense and we might have H e l p.
I have filled a regular large trash can a week with plastic bags, cups, bottles t liters, weird chemical empty bottles, antifreeze jugs, styrafoam, chip bags...the list is endless. Hyia and I can do that, but we can't do the tires by ourselves, or the sofas, chair frames, broken lawnmowers, and large junk these people have just pitched in the ravines. So I have what I consider to be good news. I can't fix a lot of things, but I do try very hard to take care of my little corner of this world and knowing there might be help made my heart do a happy dance. Just thought I would share a positive.

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