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Old 12-02-2012, 10:27 PM
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Anyone can check out my questionnaire, its pretty short and sweet since I want to ask most of the questions myself. One question that some people ask me about is "If this puppy is purchased as a companion or performance prospect, do you agree to have it spayed or neutered before the age of 2?". The thing is- "No" is a perfectly reasonable answer, I just want to know what the intention behind that is. Is it because this person just doesn't like spaying and neutering, and has no plans to breed? Is it because this person doesn't want to show, but wants to do agility and herding, but plans on having a litter? Is this person totally irresponsible and wants to breed their female to their dog Blue because he's so pretty and smart?

I don't ask for references- because I don't give a flying crap what other people think of potential puppy buyers. I know some of the most unethical show mill breeders who would get 100 recommendations. I want to make my own mind up about people. I've never had a huge issue with any of my puppy buyers.

Most of all, I want people to feel like they can be honest with me. For example, one of the people who was on my list for a Fiona puppy said that they did the occasional sport mix. I asked if that was their plan for this pup, and their response was "only if you're ok with that". I was allowed to say "No, I wouldn't be comfortable with that" and that was that. She is still on my list and we moved on from that. I don't want people to feel like they have to sneak behind my back because I am so overbearing and strict- I have DEFINITELY felt like that with other breeders and I hated it.

I don't care where my puppy buyers live. If you live on a 200 acre ranch and your dog spends its life in a kennel, you are not a better home than someone who lives in a one bedroom apartment and jogs with their dog every day. JMO.

I just want to see my puppies loved, first and foremost. Sometimes that means that they don't all end up in glamorous homes with people who trial them every weekend, but thats ok. One of the thing that really bothers me is seeing on puppy questionnaires and contracts: "This dog will be shown to his championship/MACH/OTCH/HC (or whatever) within 2 years, even if this means hiring a professional at the owner's expense, or the dog will be shown by the breeder whenever he or she chooses" (that's slight paraphrasing, but you get what I mean). I'm sorry, but no. If one of my puppy buyers gets a show puppy and never shows it, it's not a big deal to me. One, because that sort of stuff doesn't mean that much to me, but also because I get that there are more important things, and I'm not about to go kidnap someone's dog because I feel the need to prove myself to other breeders.

I may have more rants about stupid breeder BS, but I can't think of them.

Do you want your dog to respect you because you demanded it, or because you truly earned it?
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