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Old 12-02-2012, 01:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Aleron View Post
IME panic tends to pushes people to act unreasonably, which is what I have been seeing online for the past few weeks concerning this topic. What is needed here is critical thinking.

The reason I and some others are asking questions concerning information about the claims there is "a new strain of Parvo that vaccines aren't effective against" is because the same thing is said at least once every year. Any time well cared for puppies/dogs get Parvo, people seem to think it must be a new strain. Any time a dog older than the typical age gets Parvo, people seem to think it must be a new strain. Any time a puppy or dog gets very, very sick with Parvo, it is suspected that it must be a new strain. There doesn't have to be a new strain to cause any of these things. Having 200 fully vaccinated older puppies and dogs getting Parvo in one small area does bring up questions. So far, all I have found was that 3 puppies at ASCA came down with Parvo and there were about 250 puppies entered. Not sure how accurate the entry numbers are, I found them mentioned on someone's blog. But the reference to 3 puppies seems consistent with everything I have found so far.

I don't think anyone has said Parvo is nothing to be concerned about. Just that the idea that your dogs are at risk of being exposed to Parvo if they are in contact with dogs which were at this specific show is a bit off base. Parvo is everywhere and it is concerning, which is why dogs are vaccinated for it. Blaming people who happened to be at a place where a known Parvo puppy was for spreading the disease across the country is a rather extreme view. As is hoping that these people's dogs don't bring Parvo into your area. Consider that your dogs have already been exposed and that they will continue to be exposed. Worry about Parvo and do your research but also understand this case is just scary because you know. The guy standing in front of you at the store might have a Parvo puppy at home, the mailman might track it the virus from someone's yard into your's, a puppy shedding the virus may have just been at your local park or any other number of scenarios. Around the time my puppies had Parvo, I pulled my adult dogs from a huge local show held at our fairgrounds. But honestly, there are coyotes around the fairgrounds and our area certainly isn't low risk for Parvo. My dogs being there or not was not putting other dogs at risk any more than they already were, it was just a known risk vs. unknown.

Puppies/dogs who get Parvo can have anything from very mild symptoms to very severe. The degree of severity, is not an indication of the strain they have or that there is a new strain. I had a litter of six barely 6 week old, unvaccinated puppies with Parvo. Of those puppies, 2 had severe symptoms and one of those two didn't make it (and I can't even tell you how heartbreaking that is) and the other took the very longest to recover, 2 had moderate symptoms and recovered fairly quickly, 1 had more mild symptoms and recovered quickly as well, one didn't have any symptoms at all. That is pretty normal and in no way would suggest the ones who were the most ill had a different strain of the virus than the more mildly affected.

Parvo is very much a concern and I don't see that changing any time soon. It's everywhere, it's extremely hardy, it has plenty of hosts and there is no sign that it will ever be eradicated.

If it had mutated to the point where it was a new disease, it seems like there would be more word about it. Even if it was just to say "we appear to be dealing with a new, Parvo-like virus but have not yet identified it. The last time there was a new strain of Parvo, AVMA released a statement and FAQ about it. And that new strain was only very slightly modified from previous strains.
Well said ^^^ and agree.
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