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Old 12-01-2012, 07:11 AM
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My dogs aren't the least protective, nor do I expect them to be. They're greyhounds and they're retired, all I ask is that they be well behaved family members (but geez, did one of the family members have to be something like the kid from Home Alone?).

Holly's only protective of her stuffie collection. If somebody broke in she'd slink around snagging all her squeakies and stuffies (because any that come into the house are automatically hers, the others have learned and find other ways to amuse themselves) and hiding them upstairs in their bed.

Rig, my problem child, would incessantly bark at them. He does have an ear-piercing, annoying bark that sometimes makes your ears ring. I could only hope anybody who broke in would get a headache and leave. But if the burglar was female, over the age of 70, under 5 feet tall, with curly grey hair (Picture Mrs. Claus), he'd hide under a bed and cry. Weirdo.

Millie, the sweet little old lady she is, would escort them around showing them where we kept the valuables. If she could, she'd probably offer them tea.

The only *things* I have worth protecting (aside from the people) in this house are my dogs. If somebody broke in I'd be more worried for their safety than anything.

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Old 12-01-2012, 10:16 AM
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Keeva would (and has) snarl and charge at uninvited visitors. No idea what would happen after that. I don't really think she would bite unless cornered or something. I really hope she wouldn't, because she doesn't know she's only 22 lbs and could really get hurt.

Macky? Pssshhh LOL She thinks alert barking is a fun game, but once they let themselves in she'd be their best friend.

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