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Old 11-27-2012, 03:13 PM
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Originally Posted by sparks19 View Post
Have you seen the inside of the place yet? Don't get ao sold on the idea that you will settle for anything. Go and see the insIde and the outside for yourselves first and try to be logical and reasonable.

When we were looking for a house we looking for a house after Hannah was born I was desperate to get one that I was willing to settle for just about anything. We looked at a house and I was sure it was THE ONE but after we got to the point of settling it was discovered there were some serious septic issues and now looking back I am so glad we didn't end up in that house. It was WAY small than even the small house we are in now, no fenced in yard, no storage space except for a basement and it was in a flood zone. Since that time we have had three or more incidents of flooding that have hit our area (and the creek that house is on) and we would have been underwater all the time and all the stuff in the basement (any storage stuff) ruined. All because I was emotionally invested in THAT being the place no matter what but God provided us with an out when we were in so deep into negotiations that it wouldn't have been easy to just pull out... the septic ended up being under the legal limits for distance from the house and we got out of it.

So just try to keep a clear head about it and go and look at it very thouroughly before getting set on it

This^ 1000 times. Good advice.

Those radiant heaters will heat the house. They not only hold the heat that's already there. They will heat it up nicely and radiant heat is very comfortable heat. When you need to heat it up more quickly, use the high setting, then you can turn it down. There's a thermostat. My ex's furnace broke and he just uses one of these portable radiators in the living room and one in his bed room. And the whole place is heated fine. I think he has also, one other kind somewhere else. But his house is only about 12 or 1300 sq ft. 1500 sq ft won't be much different.

Well...I hope if this house all checks out and all bases are get it.
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