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Old 11-23-2012, 02:04 PM
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Originally Posted by CharlieDog View Post
Do you think if I halved the amount of shrimp I could add a few swordtails? I'd like to have maybe one or two males and four or so females.

I don't think you would need to cut the shrimp as they account for very little bioload. You could add swordtails to the numbers that I gave you with no issue, but keep in mind that they have slightly different water requirements than the other fish. You may be able to find a happy medium in terms of pH and mineral content but it really depends upon you finding the right fish. Do you know what the pH of your tap water is? If it's on the low side, you may be able to find a local breeder raising swords in those parameters with no problems.

I'll have to figure out which dwarfs would coexist peacefully with schooling fish. I really like both of those you posted earlier, but I know nothing about them really.

The majority of them will be just fine with schooling fish, at least the ones that you commonly see for sale. Most dwarfs really aren't aggressive and most schooling fish will be fast enough to escape any nit-picking the cichlid may be inclined to do.

I've had the guppies and an Endlers that somehow ended up in with the guppies, I actually ended up with a crossbreed strain of them, but I never added salt to their water at all, it was just from the tap and cycled through. Would not having salt affect them somehow? I don't think I ever had any problems with them in established tanks at all.

It depends what your water is like. My local water is very soft, around 6-6.5. This is not great for guppies and mosts tend to waste away unless we add salt and minerals. If your guppies were fine, your tap water is probably harder. Depending on how hard, this may not be ideal for some of the other fish I mentioned. Test it and let us know where the pH sits

My sister had a few in with some neon tetras, I think the fish had some sort of issue because the guppies ended up with some really strange spine issues and were deformed looking, but I don't know what caused/causes that.

THAT is a common sign of not enough salt/minerals. And that is what will happen to them if your water is too soft. Again, head to a pet store and pick up a pH kit. If you test your water you will have a good sense of it's suitability for certain species.
Answers in bold...

Originally Posted by AngryMan View Post
I think u need some angry school.
Originally Posted by Renee750il View Post
That's what we do here. We're emotionally invested in each other and each other's dogs, the joys and the sorrows.
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