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Old 11-19-2012, 02:03 PM
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Default First Disc Dog Club Practice

Ok, I made this it's own thread mainly because I'm still totally tickled by it.

Last night Nina (Rue's owner) and I went to our first Disc Dog group practice/get together thing. And it was SO MUCH FUN. I just brought Didgie since I didn't know how it would be set up but next time I'm going to bring both.

Everyone there was so incredibly nice and helpful and cool and I loved them all. You know that awkward feeling when you want to go up to someone and be like "Hi. Be my friend."? That's how I felt all night.

They helped with my throwing, showed me some different throws that I can work on and just overall were super welcoming and funny and nice. I instantly felt relaxed. They also had some freaking amazing dogs. Just awesome.

And I was so proud of Didgie! Like, seriously she blows my mind. I haven't gone to any dog clubs/training places with her at all. She's been to the dog park and petstores a couple times. That's it really. So I didn't know how she would react to this crazy place with so many dogs, smells (it was inside in a training/boarding facility thing) and people.

She was so ON. I mean, we get in and she's looking at things and I say "Didgeridoo!" And she immediately snaps onto me, completely ready to work and do things but not overstimulated at all. Just ready.

So I crated her while we talked to the club and then when it was our turn I went and got her and she was just....with me. I walked her into the main place where everyone is and take her off leash and she stayed right with me no issue and was like "You have discs, I want them in my mouth" and was a tugging fool with no build up. I have a dog that tugs during high distraction and crazy environments with no work from me. This makes me so happy.

Then one of the guys came and played with her and showed me some things and she was just focused on us and the discs. And barking.

And then later I heard a couple of them talking about her and they sure seemed impressed! Which, if you had seen their dogs you would get why that made me feel over the moon.

It was just so much fun and I loved it. They meet two times a month and are such a chill group. They aren't huge, rather small actually, and they are newish, started a few years ago but super competitive and talented people in it.
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