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Old 11-18-2012, 12:32 AM
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Originally Posted by yoko View Post
I was thinking this too. That situation isn't something anyone should wish anyone to be in. But it's old news. It's from back in 2010 and just NOW he is talking about it. I DO think that is weird timing especially since he has that new show coming out.

Honestly I've always thought he really cares about dogs. I've always wondered if maybe he does know there is a better way to train dogs but he's just got such an ego problem and is so deep with his training methods that he's afraid to come out and say 'hey... I was wrong here's a better way!'.

If he ever changed his training ways I'd probably watch some of his stuff. I like how he DOES seem to care about the dogs and seems like a decent guy. A lot of training stuff I've watched I always get the vibe of 'ok this is how to train subject #43847593' and I don't get that from him.
I do agree. It seems like he really truly does LOVE the dogs so it's so hard for me to understand some of his choices. I mean, it's not like watching Brad Pattinson for god's sake ... who clearly doesn't even like dogs or people. Like I seriously don't even understand how people can watch him and say "Yeah! That looks right!" whereas Cesar, I can see the appeal -- I once was one who thought he was amazing. I do not agree at all with his training methods and lack a lot of respect for the harm he has done, but he also seems like a decent guy who really does love dogs.
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